I’d like to gouge my eyes out with a hot fire poker

I accidentally deleted my milk post. Muther effing cocka doodee.



  1. Oh laura, did you see this one?

    H IS FOR HIKE: Ultra-slim celebs such as actress Kate Bosworth, Cat Deeley and Renee Zellweger are big fans of hiking as a way to get off the pounds

  2. Next up…self banning.

    The shortest lasting blog — ever!

  3. The nice thing about hiking is, it’s recreation and not really exercise, plus you get a reward. Well, if the topography allows it.

    Was in the best shape of my life when I was hiking regularly.
    Except for the knees, unfortunately. Hoping if I combine it with bike work it should be OK.

  4. Before I had kids I was hiking, camping and mountain biking just about every weekend and on the weekends I wasn’t doing this, I was seeing what ever new band was in town.

    Best Shape Ever and the most alcohol consumed ever.

  5. The shortest lasting blog — ever!

    *covers ears*
    I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!

  6. it sucks to have bad knees

  7. bad knee cure -get up and wipe your mouth! Whore.

  8. again -bad knees cure “GET UP AND WIPE YOUR MOUTH!” whore.

  9. “alone & 14?”

    wait a minute — are you Chris Haaaaaansen?

  10. shhh, it’s trying to communicate.

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