Changing Your Eating Habits Is All Mental

It’s all a frame of mind, but having my fellow Hostages and various other morons (no, not you mom) breathing down my neck helps a bit. I feel really flippin’ good. Got a little grouchy today, but nothing some green beans and flicking a random stranger upside the head didn’t cure. 

Mental As Anything- If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?



  1. wow. lame. i think you and my mom would be like bestfreinds. go eat a snickers!

  2. censorship @ it’s finest. now seriously -u, my, mom BFF 4 eva!

  3. well, if I wasn’t sure that you were really 14 at first, I am convinced now, considering the intelligence of the comment above.

    You do realize, alone&stupid, that only the government can engage in censorship, right?

    Come on, be honest, you’re really bob munck, aren’t you? You just like pretending to be a lonely teenager, right? It makes you feel……special inside, doesn’t it?

  4. i rest my case. u guys r lame and can’t handle and outside point of view. i’m sure this is one ov your relatives and there are only 3 people that really look @ this blog. sad. thank goodness for internet porn or i wouldn’t even be on the web. oh, gotta go it’s my bedtime.

  5. Ummm, hey, stupid? We got your comments un-deleted for you, so we could actually communicate with you. So I expect to see some powerful and persuasive comments from you now. Do you have anything else besides your tiresome yet oh-so-important offerings such as “get off your knees, whore?”

    ‘Cause that there is some damn fine point of view you got there, loser.

    So let go of your throbbing, overused clit for a second and show us what you got. It seemed so important for you to be here in the first place, so you must have something to offer besides evidence of your own pathetic dysfunction.

  6. so we could actually communicate with you

    By communicate, wiser means mock.

    He assumed that was implicit I’m sure, but you strike me as the kind of big brain that could use the occasional pointer.

  7. By communicate, wiser means mock.

    shhhhhhhhhh, that was a secret.

  8. u have NO idea what youv’e started! if only computer class was my first period, don’t think i’ve been frightened away. Where i live we eat texan’s for breakfast, oh and wisercrud STFU. After school you are mine! I’m retarded!

  9. {{{{{{{{{{shudder}}}}}}}}}

    Bring it, Beeyotch!!!1!1!onesies!!1!!!

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