Diet Song Of The Day- Divinyls: Pleasure and Pain

Today is the start of Day 3. Surprisingly I feel great. When I first started reading “The Warrior Diet” I thought, no way, that is sooo lame. One meal a day? I think not.

I have no sugar cravings whatsoever. I’m completely weaned off caffeine (although to be fair, I don’t think I had a caffeine dependency).

The author’s theory is that humans eat all day long because we’re not getting the nutrition we need, so our body’s are  not satisfied. No new idea there. What is different about this way of eating, (all good diets don’t call themselves diets anymore, they’re a “new way of life”) is that you are not eating any actual meals during the day.

No, I’m not starving. I have certain fruits, like berries  and lots of veggies and fresh squeezed veggie juices during the day.  Supposedly the author eats nothing else during the day, but says if you can’t hack it to have a bit of protein during the day. I can’t hack it.

I have a hard boiled egg, or a handle full of mixed raw nuts. At $13.99 a lb. it’s a very small handful.

I know I am feeling better because after the first day I haven’t wanted to kill anyone except myself for accidentally deleting my posts yesterday. Thank you Dave in Texas for helping me figure out what I did wrong.

Oh and about exercise, I haven’t started that yet. I crashed a quad when I was in Acapulco and hurt my back. I would have had that jump too if the quad hadn’t bounced and flipped over on me.


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  1. they should call it the Worrier Diet

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