Ooooh, Today Is One Of Those Tempting-To-Stray-Days

However tempted I might be, I will not stray. I refuse to be a future Hostages BBF model. No I’m not that big.

This morning I woke up at four and could not go back to sleep  so I decided to go to the gym early. I only did a 1/2 hour on the treadmill because I’m still hurt from my quad crash in Acapulco. Came home feeling great…….and then it started.

 It’s cold outside and I  had a fruit smoothie, which then made me cold. I kept passing that potato bread in the kitchen. Oh what I wouldn’t give for some hot vanilla chai tea and a hunk of that bread warmed up with butter. I will maintain self control and have that as my dessert tonight. nummy

Just gonna put on some tunes that put me in a good mood and clean. (I freaking hate cleaning) This video and song always do the trick.



  1. I love watching Parkour. I showed my 11 year old a Parkour video last year, and he’s been fascinated with the idea ever since.

    We’d better hang on to our health plan.

  2. Oh, I’d never heard of Parkour. I’ve been watching some of them now, very cool.

    Three out of four of my children are boys, however only one of those three terrifies me with thoughts of future emergency room visits.

  3. OMG I can’t believe you used rosetta’s suggestion for a name GLAR

  4. Makes you wonder what kind of people will becoming here from the search engine, huh?

  5. Gonna be a tough one to blogroll.

  6. *cough*

  7. Hahahahaha!!!!

    +10,000 points

    Good one, pajama momma. I will try to come up with a better name for you.

    How about “Mr. Clay’s Food Blog and White Women”?

  8. Also, I give myself 100 points for using the words “cow pie”.

  9. Potato bread is excellent. Never had homemade, but i get it at the store sometimes. Here’s a tune that might help you get up and go. And an oldie but still a goodie that might help.

  10. Where’d my comment go? Have i accidentally slipped into an alternate reality where i never made the comment?

  11. You were in the spam box forged. weird

    Hey! I love Jesus built my hotrod. I haven’t heard that in so long. I’m a rockabilly girl at heart.
    I’m surprised I’d never heard of Prisoner of Society before. I’m gonna have to check out more of their stuff. Maybe I have heard them, just not that song.

    Thanks, I dig it.

  12. Gonna be a tough one to blogroll.


  13. LMAO!!!!! I know I hate those days where you are just tempted. I slipped once already and felt so shitty afterwards that I doubt I will do it again.

  14. […] Punk: Beat Farmers and Reverend Horton Heat Forged riteput a couple songs in the comment section that reminded me of my rockabilly days and I had to go see […]

  15. I already have you down as Hostages Punching Bag…I think I’m just going to change it to PJ Momma…

  16. Hahahaha, that’s awfully sweet of you to even have me at all NiceDeb.

    I think I’m just going to change it to PJ Momma…

    GLAR, that’s prolly smart.

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