Cowpunk: Beat Farmers and Reverend Horton Heat

Forged rite put a couple songs in the comment section that reminded me of my rockabilly days and I had to go see if there was a video of this song and YIPPPEEEEE! there was.

This particular band’s music stylings had a few names, but my favorite name for it was “cow punk

Cowpunk or Country Punk is a subgenre of punk rock that began in southern California in the 1980s, especially Los Angeles. It combines punk rock with country music and blues in sound, subject matter, attitude, and style. It tends to downplay the fashion elements associated with the British psychobilly genre, and grew directly out of the influence of bands like The Cramps and The Gun Club; with few direct ties to the British movement. The term cowpunk has also been applied to several bands that play a fast form of Southern Rock; primarily based in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, or Florida.

 The “Beat Farmers” were a local San Diego band and I loved to go  see them play while swing dancing on the floor. Sadly, the lead singer Country Dick Montana passed away on stage from a heart attack at only 40 years old. Their song below is just a lighthearted,  goofy song I remember from “back in  the day”

This next song is from Reverend Horton Heat one of my other favorite “cow punk” bands. You might have heard this song on a Boston Market commercial. Another name for this type of music is psychobilly. Sorry the quality of these videos is  less than desirable.

Here’s one more from Reverend. Hey, Johnny Bravo



  1. The only exposure I’ve really had to the Beat Farmers is through this video, but it’s a damned funny song.

  2. And I broke the f*cking html. Let’s try this again.

  3. Rev. Horton Heat is definately kick-ass.
    How about Mojo Nixon?

  4. If you don’t know Mojo Nixon then your store could use some fixin’

    Course that’s the Dead Milkmen, but that’s totally beside the point.

    I love mojo nixon.

  5. And I broke the f*cking html. Let’s try this again.

    It’s anime? wha? I would have never guessed you like anime.

  6. PJM,
    you aint a right wing pigeon from outer space r ya? :P

  7. Darn tootin!
    I think.

  8. I’ve always been partial to this Beat Farmers tune, but anything from Pursuit of Happiness, Van Go, or Tales of the New West will work for me.

    Was I correct in hearing that the Spring Valley Inn is no longer standing? Tearing down that sacred place is like taking a bulldozer to Lincoln’s birthplace.

  9. The Mrs. and I went to see Mojo a few years ago (I think it was right after we got married, maybe ’02) & Mojo’s backup band couldn’t make it to the show (Ames, IA) so he played a set with his opening band, The New Duncan Imperials. He rocked that night, and about 2/3 of the way through his set, he stopped the band and went off on a 15 minute rant about how great Country Dick was & how much he misses him. I remember him playing a song about Princess Diana, but I don’t remember the title. The chorus was “she was a drunk, deee-vorced floozy”, and I was literally laughing my ass of the whole time they were playing it.

  10. Nah, the Spring Valley Inn is still there. Talk about a dive. It’s great.

    The Beat Farmers sing a song called Lakeside Trailer Park and I have to love that because I was born and raised in the little podunk town of Lakeside.

    Mojo Nixon was the best. *sigh* Nobody cool ever comes to Jacksonville. Well almost nobody.

    Rev. Horton Heat did so that made me happy.

  11. I love all these band. Maybe a little too much!

    Cowpunk is alive and well in, of all places, New York City. Check us out:

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