Well I’ll be damned.

I’m reading The Warrior Diet on my computer, so it’s slow going. For some irritating reason the book I ordered from Half.com has not shown up yet. Before I started this program I’d skimmed thru the book to get a basic idea of what I’d be doing so I could get started right away. It’s been going fine, however, it would have been nice had I seen this on Day 1:

̸» É¿ ®®·±® Ü·»¬ Ü¿·´§ Ú±±¼ ݧ½´»æ

ɸ»² ¿²¼ ɸ¿¬ ¬± Û¿¬ ¿²¼ Ü®·²µ

̸·­ ·­ º±® ¿´´ ¬¸±­» °»±°´» ©¸± ­¿§ ¬± ³»ô NÑ®·ô ¶«­¬ ¬»´´ ³» ©¸¿¬ ×

½¿² »¿¬ ¼«®·²¹ ¬¸» ¼¿§ ¿²¼ ©¸¿¬ × ½¿² »¿¬ ¿¬ ²·¹¸¬òM

{ Û¿¬ ®¿© º®«·¬­ ¿²¼ ª»¹»¬¿¾´»­ ¼«®·²¹ ¬¸» ¼¿§å ¿´´ º±±¼

¹®±«°­ ¿¬ ²·¹¸¬ò


Oh for pity sakes. Apparently I can’t copy and paste from the book to here, so I have to type it out.

The Warrior Diet Daily Food Cycle: When and What To Eat And Drink

This is for all those people who say to me, “Ori, just tell me what I can eat during the day and what I can eat at night.”

  • Eat raw fruits and vegetables during the day; all food groups at night.
  • Drink plenty of clean, pure water during the day.


  • Water-drink at least one glass of water upon wakening, preferably two (either plain or w/an orange or lemon wedge)
  • Coffee or tea
  • Fruits- fresh, raw fruits
  • Juices- freshly prepared from raw fruits or vegetables. I mean really fresh those made in a blender or juicer, not prepared or bottled juices.


  • Coffee or tea
  • Fruits, fresh raw fruits
  • Juices freshly prepared from raw vegetables (such as carrot, beat, parsley juices) or raw fruits (such as oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, blueberries)
  • Miso soup

During the adaptation period and days you feel deprived:

  • Green salad, with little or no dressing.
  • Protein- Warrior Growth Serum would be the protein of choice during the day.
  • Or you can opt for lean protein (no more than 6 oz.) such as: in South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like such as and I believe that they should our education over here in the U.S., ok, that’s not what the book really says. It says, such as: sashimi, eggs, chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, shellfish, plain yogurt, kefir, (low-fat or non-fat) cottage cheese, or whey protein. Don’t mix proteins, have only one per day. (he doesn’t say this right here, but I’d like to stress you can have your protein at dinner as well, but this is only till you get used to this kind of eating)
  • Raw nuts- A handful of raw nuts, preferably almonds, instead of lean protein.

The Warrior Diet is based on the principle of eating one large meal per day, preferably at night. During this meal you can eat as much as you want.


Eat as much as you want from all the food groups (protein, fat, carbohydrates, wtf? I thought chocolate was a food group?)as long as you follow the Warrior Diet rules of eating.

  1. Start with leafy green vegetables (romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, arugula, parsley, endives)
  2. Continue with protein (chicken or turkey breast, fish, shellfish, veal scallopini, filet mignon, sirloin steak, Egg McMuffin, egg, cottage cheese) cooked vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, carrots, squash, mushrooms, eggplant, beet greens, kale, collard greens) and fat (essential fatty acids (EFA’s) oils, olive oil, butter, avocado, almonds)
  3. Finish with carboydrates(rice, potatos, corn, yams, quinoa, barley)
  4. Stop eating when you feel much more thirsty than hungry.

Man, that sucked typing that out. Stupid Adobe Reader.

He didn’t mention desserts or anything here, but they are allowed. He even has recipes for them in the book so when I find the exact location of it in the book I’ll write about it. I haven’t had the need to have any desserts. I take a slice of potato bread and put some butter and raw honey on it and have some hot “Tension Tamer” tea also sweetened with honey (that particular brand of tea is a necessity for me)

He has another way to eat carbohydrates and it’s called “chewing dry cereal”, pretty catchy huh? It’s where you…….wait for it………..you “chew” your cereal. Which means you eat it without milk. Ok if this was Cap’n Crunch Berries I’d be fine with that, but it’s not. It’s like a cereal from Arrowhead Mills or one of those other puffed kind of cereals. I made a mistake of getting the wheat one and then I see that in the book I should have gotten corn, rice or amaranth (isn’t amaranth a singing group?). It’s fine and all, but my kids won’t eat it. Our dog won’t even it and he eats poop. I’ll try rice next time.

 Here’s a little song for our Marines and just cuz I dig it.




  1. That reminds me of a joke:

    ̸·­ ·­ º±® ¿´´ ¬¸±­» °»±°´» ©¸± ­¿§ ¬± ³»ô NÑ®·ô ¶«­¬ ¬»´´ ³» ©¸¿¬ ×

    ½¿² »¿¬ ¼«®·²¹ ¬¸» ¼¿§ ¿²¼ ©¸¿¬ × ½¿² »¿¬ ¿¬ ²·¹¸¬òM

  2. go vegetarian if you want to lose some pounds. works for me.

  3. Beef: It’s what’s for dinner.

  4. ·­ º±® ¿´´ ¬¸±­» °»±°´» ©¸± ­¿§ ¬± ³»ô NÑ®·ô ¶«­¬ ¬»´´ ³» ©¸¿¬

    Ha! That’s one of my favorites!

  5. I went to the local bookstore on Monday and bought the 2nd edition book. It was bugging me having to read it on the laptop. I’m starting on Friday, hopefully. Woot!

  6. Well I want to hear all about it CB!

    I wish I’d just gone to my local bookstore and purchased it. ugh

  7. I am going to have to look this one that you are doing up.

  8. I can email it to you. I have it on PDF. It’s a real hassle to read in on the computer, but it’s better than nothing
    *checks outside*
    I’m still waiting for my book to come.

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