lolpajama momma says:


Yes, I can have steak on this eating program or it would not be a Warrior Diet, right?

Today’s little meal was quite tasty. It was spinach and avocado salad with a shot of lemon for dressing. London broil marinated over 6 hours in olive oil and garlic, asparagus (they’re on sale lately) and sauteed artichoke heart and cherry tomato medley, that tasted like crap though, but it sure looked pretty on the plate, right? But I’ll tell the little old man at the grocery store it was great because he was so excited to share his favorite recipe with me. Oh and I can’t forget cranky’s potato bread for my carb.

I had a great little picture of the fruit smoothie I made today, but I took it with my cell phone camera because my camera doesn’t work because my girlfriend wanted to take a picture of me surfing last summer and could not put down her glass of wine and when she went in the water  to get my picture a wave came and it was either her wine goes or my camera and well all of a sudden my camera went pop and hasn’t worked right since then, but I wouldn’t say anything to her because it’s just not worth it, but anyways, the point is  I had to take it with my cell phone and I emailed it to myself, but stupid wordpress doesn’t like the picture format so you don’t get to see my smoothie, big bummer.

Did I mention I get to have wine on this diet?

thanks wiser for this post idea



  1. Looks good.

    I think that bread’s name should just be cranky bread…kinda like monkey bread.

  2. Good call PA, cranky bread it is.

  3. cranky bread? I’d like to thank the Academy, my agent Seymore Butz, my significant other Michelle Pfeiffer, and all the little people who made me the big shot I am today. Thanks. Have another slice of bread.

    Buy more bread. It does a body good and my wallet too.

  4. Seymore Butz was WTMI about what DVDs you watch, Crank. Or did I just out myself??

  5. Well, I.P. Daly is my source for DVDs so if he’s recommending Seymore Butz what am I to do? All joking aside, I’ve seen some of today’s porn and I don’t care for it.

  6. Yeah, cranky doesn’t need today’s porn, he gets all his naughty photos at “asshats and aardvarks”

  7. London Broil eh? I cooked that one time and didn’t care for it. I do like those little eye of round steaks though.

  8. Whoa! Check out the new look!
    Looks all………bloggy.

  9. Has Steamboat been revealing my visits? I like me some silicone sometimes, that’s why I head over to McGoo’s. That and the Goth bashing.

  10. All joking aside, I’ve seen some of today’s porn and I don’t care for it.

    Porn today is terrible. The chicks slobber and drool like they’re having seizures and the guys slap and choke the chicks all the time. It’s a lot more about being gross and extreme than being sexy. Not to mention the extremely played out yet ever present tramp stamps, fake boobs and shaved snatches. Yeah, today’s porn sucks.

  11. why heath…why? (hold me)

  12. Whoa! Check out the new look!
    Looks all………bloggy.

    It’s what I had to do to get my pin-up girl on there.

    Has Steamboat been revealing my visits?

    Come on, give me some credit. I’m stalking you, duh.

  13. yet ever present tramp stamps

    HAHAHAHA! Ok, look, they weren’t called tramp stamps when I got mine 12 years ago. sheesh.
    Plus, we didn’t dress half naked either. This was supposed to be just something I showed when I wore my bikini. That’s all. I swear!

  14. why heath…why? (hold me)


  15. Ok, look, they weren’t called tramp stamps when I got mine 12 years ago.

    Heh, sorry PJ, didn’t know you had one. If you got it 12 years ago then you’re exempt, as long as you don’t have the corresponding shoulder and/or ankle tat.

  16. HAHAHAHAHA! I only have my arm sleeved………….just kidding. I thought I was being such a rebel. Fortunately I can’t see it. Ah, youth.

  17. Cranky, years ago, Seymour’s amateurs were the best. Will take your word for present day.

    And no tattoos here or silicone.

  18. Today’s stuff is just gross. Spitting, gagging, just domineering crap. Don’t like it, it isn’t stimulating or erotic. It has become weird people doing weird things.

  19. I wish I had that right now! The food that is.

  20. I could go for some pie right now.

  21. Anytime’s a good time for pie.

  22. hair pie?

  23. Sohos! You’re disgusting.I would never say something like that………..ever!

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