I Can’t Be Perfect

I have to be realistic on this eating program.I cannot afford to eat everything organic. I have to be ok with that. I figure the fact that I’m eating an insane amount of fruits and veggies compared to what I was eating 3 weeks ago should be good for something.

The fruit I have is supposed to be fresh. Produce is not very good here in north Florida, ever, and berries aren’t in season right now. I’m pretty sure they’re not in season anywhere, so I have to eat them frozen. I’m ok with that.

I’m not supposed to eat anything processed. I don’t like my salads without ranch dressing. I will have my ranch dressing. That’s the only thing I eat that’s processed. I’m ok with that.

I’m supposed to have raw nuts. Today I read that raw nuts aren’t really raw if they are shelled because they use heat to open them. Well, I can’t help that. I know those fake raw almonds are healthier than the ones I was eating in that Hershey’s Bar, so I figure I’m good.

 The Warrior Diet author recommends a glass of water first thing in the morning. I won’t do that. I do not like water as my first taste of the day. I don’t like the way it feels as the coolness goes down my throat and sloshes at the bottom of my empty stomach. I’m drinking way more water than I was before. In fact the ratio of water to beer has done a 180, so I’m good with that.

If I didn’t feel so good right now and if my clothes weren’t getting looser and my skin wasn’t so clear I might be concerned, but these things are happening, so I have to assume I’m doing the right thing…………..right?



  1. Me too about the beer to water ratio! Sucks!

  2. *sigh* Totally sucks.

  3. Good on both of you for sticking to your plans!
    And I think your brain cells are getting bigger!

  4. Gots me a cold Coors sittin’ right here.


    Okay, that was mean and now i feel bad.

    Another Coors will probably make me feel better though.


  5. The perfect is the enemy of the good. If you look at all the people who have followed that diet plan, I bet none of them did it 100% as prescribed. Doubt it’s possible unless you’re in the ideal geographic area, season, etc.

    Congrats on the results! Wow, that’s quick. Only been a couple weeks, right?

  6. *forged rite presses the elevator button to hell*

  7. Congrats on the results! Wow, that’s quick. Only been a couple weeks, right?

    why thank you ms. lauraw. Yep I started on the 7th and have been totally strict.

    I only have about 7 ounces left to lose and I’ll be like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.

    *wakes up from happy dream only to discover reality*

  8. And the raw nut thing sounds ridiculous. I doubt they’re heated significantly enough to damage the oils/enzymes.

    If they were cooked you’d be able to taste that, I’d think. I’ve shelled raw almonds almost right from the tree, and eaten pre-shelled almonds, and I don’t think there’s any significant difference in flavor.

  9. Oh I do have to state that was not The Warrior diet guy that said that about the raw nuts, it’s from some other web-site as I was researching raw nuts. I’m sure they were total hippy fruit loops.

    (but the warrior guy does tell you to eat raw nuts)

  10. Yeah, I remember when I was on some organic gardening forum, some nut was telling evrybody not to use plastic in their gardens. No recycled milk-jug cloches, no plastic ties for tying up tomato vines, no plastic sheeting mulch, nothing nothing plastic whatsoever. He actually believes that this material leaches significant toxins into water/air/soil that it can harm people.

    Of course, many folks piled on him, mentioning that plenty of organic publications advise people to use recycled plastic in various ways in their gardens as it is cheap, durable, and completely friggin harmless. And also that he’s a huge hypocrite, because no one can live without the substance today. It is everything and everywhere, because it is awesome.

    But he was not to be swayed. After trying to ignore him I quit the forum because he was watching every single conversation and you couldn’t even mention certain tools, techniques or building materials without him butting in about the stupid plastic thing, as if he were the ultimate authority and we were under his command.

    I should go back there and see what the deal is. Been a few years.
    It’s really true that the organic movement has become but a creative outlet for busybody control freaks.

  11. Aaaanyway- that was way too long- hippy dippy types just love carrying this thing to the Nth degree, past the point of good sense.

  12. It’s really true that the organic movement has become but a creative outlet for busybody control freaks.

    HAHAHAHAHA! They ruin it for the rest of us because if we want to be even mildly healthy we’re then lumped in with the kooks.

    My sister worked at Trader Joe’s for a while and this one woman would come in and insist that my sister hand ring everything up. She didn’t want the scanners touching her food. My sister was like, do ya know how many times this stuff has been scanned already?
    My sister just said she didn’t have her contacts in and couldn’t do it.

  13. Jeepers. Afraid of a little light?

    And you’re right about the dresses this year. What a pile of rags.

  14. You’ll feel differently about this whole organic thing if your boobs fall off.

    Be warned.

  15. That’s when I would consider silicone.
    Organic silicone of course.

  16. A year ago, my SIL talked my wife and I to visit a local organic farm. I went and listened to this hippie talk about this stuff. No biggie. Except the fact that the whole time he was defending organic gardening, he was drinking from a McDonald’s cup.

    I’m all for healthy stuuf and all that, butthese people are usually big time flakes. I see a bunch of them every week at the Farmers’ Market in Tower Grove Park near my house. Fucking weirdos.

  17. Lots of fruits and veggies = more gas.. but maybe having less beer will balance that out!

  18. but maybe having less beer will balance that out!

    It’s a good thing we’re talking about physical and not mental health or this would not be good.

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