How Is This Not An Onion Article?

I saw this story on a news ticker at the gym today.

A children’s book based on the classic tale of the Three Little Pigs has been rejected for an award amid fears it could offend Muslims.

Judges for the Bett Awards criticised the animated virtual book, The Three Little Cowboy Builders, saying its use of pigs as the main characters raised “cultural issues”.

They also believed the book could offend builders.

“Is it true that all builders are cowboys, builders get their work blown down, and builders are like pigs,” the judges wrote.

“The idea of taking a traditional tale and retelling a story is fine, but it should not alienate parts of the workforce.

“Judges would not recommend this product to the Muslim community in particular.”

Ann Curtis, whose company Shoo Fly Publishing produced the book, branded the judges’ criticisms unjustified.

“I felt disbelief, to be honest,” she told The Times newspaper.

“As a small company we have a strong ethical and moral grounding.

“To be told that we cynically set out to alienate minority groups is a very narrow-minded view.”

© 2008 AAP

I don’t really care about the Muslims here because I know they will be offended. I’m more concerned with the builders’ tenders psyches.



  1. My first response was kill em all but that really isnt very nice…

  2. But if you kill all the builders who will build our homes?

  3. You’re growing into a political blog aren’t you?
    Cool. It’s hard to avoid.

  4. NO! I refuse!
    See, it says right above the article that I saw this at the gym and that brings it back to a diet and exercise article.

  5. Londonistan, here we come!

  6. Hmmm…..let’s see, most of your links and blogroll are political, there’s a snazzy new “Fredheads for Mitt” banner, a decidely political post……

    Face it, you’re gonna have to change the best blog name on the internet to something a little more…..serious.

  7. *puts fingers in ears*

    I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!

  8. Hello? Foodie-blog, you there? *sigh*

  9. Hello? Foodie-blog, you there? *sigh*

    don’t make me put ladybugs in your bedroom girlfriend.

  10. “I’m more concerned with the builders’ tenders psyches.”

    As a builder I’d like to say that I would only be offended if it was a fucking Muslim that blew my work down.

  11. don’t make me put ladybugs in your bedroom girlfriend.

    Do you recall why I put ladybugs in your room? -because originally YOU threw a big black roach in mine! YUCK.
    (some background) ((the movie “People under the Stairs” was loosely based on our childhood))

  12. YOU threw a big black roach in mine!
    It was not black, it was dark brown.

  13. It was not black, it was dark brown.

    Well, we will never know for sure because I could never find the nasty thing.
    (I’m getting irritated all over again…I hate you)

  14. HAHAHA! Did you read I posted that story over on sohos’ blog yesterday? (I think it was yesterday)

    Where you guys goin’ for mom’s b-day dinner? The Golden Corral?

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