Morning Workout, Let’s Go!

Good Morning!Ok, put that coffee cup in your hand and lift, lift, lift and sip!  You got it! Good job! 12 More reps and you’re good to go!

Today is one of those days where I’m just not feeling the urge to exercise. I really wore myself out last night and um, I have laundry to do and there’s some lint on this sweater that really needs some picking off. I’m going to pray I can talk myself into it tonight.

[UPDATE] I made it to the gym! sweet



  1. Wore yourself out how, exactly?

  2. After some rest you can talk yourself into almost anything.

  3. Wore yourself out how, exactly?

    *grins wickedly* Wouldn’t you like to know?

  4. I need chocolate! NOW! I am not even kidding!!!!!

  5. Hot tea?

    *bites lower lip*
    I feel your pain.

  6. Actually, I was just asking to be polite.
    *ducks and runs*

  7. Actually, I was just asking to be polite.

    *tries to run after BIAP, but is too out of shape to catch him*
    *eats donut instead*

  8. HA! Even when I ran track, I wasn’t fast.

  9. good morning. GEt any exercise today? Gotta get that ass in shape, remember!

  10. Gotta get that ass in shape, remember!

    wow, I sure seemed to aquire a lot of perverts on this blog.

  11. pant, pant, pant, pant are ya sweaty yet? pant, pant, pant

  12. Okay, I wanna see a new post. or some tits.

    Both would be nice…

  13. You can post the butt shots now, if you’d like. That way we’d have a measure of comparison…yeah, that’s it.

  14. Yea why no piccys to clicky? Before and afters would be great.

  15. Ha! Before pictures ain’t showing up till the after pictures.don’t want to scare people away.

  16. Sohos:

    Mesablue and Wickedpinto both swore at the IBSBP that you had promised a topless picture if the Giants won. I will be watching this site like a hawk.

  17. Well Michael, this is pajama momma’s other blog, but you don’t have to worry as I’ll be posting it at The Hostages. :)

  18. Laundry IS exercise, Sweetie.

    Weight-Lifting baskets, and wet laundry from washer into dryer.

    Step-Aerobics getting the stuff to and from Laundry room.

    Stretches – while shaking out and folding stuff.

    Yogic breathing while picking up the dropped socks and skivvies.

    Double-duty, Dear.

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