Poontang: It’s What’s For Dinner

When I was in high school, I was a bit of a tomboy. When my guy friends got a job at the local egg ranch, I got one there too.

Time at the ranch could become monotonous, especially in the egg packing room.  And if you know anything about boys, they’re seldom bored. They will find something to do, even if it’s trouble. My friends had a penchant for trouble. They were also really good at just doing stupid things, like making up words or songs or sounds. Half the time I didn’t know what they were saying, I just went along with it. I didn’t dare ask what something meant because that would have been just plain uncool.

One time I had my friend Johnne over for dinner. My dad was a very stern man and I rarely brought people over because of this. This boy was an exception. I had such a crush on him.

Dinner was served, but it was dead quiet at the table. Not one for handling silence well, I decided to loudly say the silly made up word I’d learned from my friends that day to break the ice. Continue reading

Sia- Day Too Soon

Rosetta introduced me to this song and I’m totally diggin this chick. She’s a little goofy too which just adds to the charm.

Jimmy Kimmel Scores *cough*

This is an update to the post I did called “I’m Effing Matt Damon”. Jimmy’s video pwned Sarah’s, but she gets better marks for originality.

 Originally I didn’t understand the “I’m Effing Matt Damon” video because I didn’t know Jimmy and Sarah were a couple. (I don’t follow Hollywood.  I don’t care about Hollywood) Now that I know they’re together this all makes sense.

Shamelessly stolen from The Hostages

You Want A Pool? Dig It Yourself!

My husband is a pool designer. The kids see him doing pool designs and notice he gets them for other people all the time, just not them.

Madeleine couldn’t handle it any more and asked me, “Mom, can’t we just ask someone else to get us a pool?” No honey, we’ll get a pool when we’re ready, mommy doesn’t want to have one just yet, Gavin is still too little.

Graham asked if they could just dig their own pool. You’re all over it son, have fun.


Got a phone call from Graham’s friend’s mom yesterday. Her son has lice and Graham had just been over there. Our neighbors had it twice and now this friend, so far we’ve avoided it. Now I know why. Lice likes clean hair.

It is a myth that head lice like dirty heads – in fact, there is evidence that lice (like parents!) actually prefer clean hair. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t get lice from poor people any more than you get them from rich people. An infestation does not indicate poor hygiene, and is nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, routine bathing and shampooing will neither prevent nor eliminate head lice problems.

Guide To Natural Sweeteners

Just thought I’d throw some nutritional info on my blog and then we can get back to perving out.

A lot of sweeteners that we think are healthy are not, they’re just like all the other “health” foods out there that aren’t good for us, but they’re packaged so neatly and say “organic” and “healthy” all over it we figure it must be good for us, right?

I avoid Splenda at all costs. My niece came out to visit the summer of 2006. I’d had a baby in February and she was starting her first year of high school in the fall and we both wanted to drop some weight.

Everything we had that was sweet contained sucralose (Splenda is the brand name). We sweetened our coffee with it, we baked goodies with it, we ate it straight out of the package. (that might have been an exaggeration) At the end of the summer, every time I exhaled, I tasted bleach. It scared me. Just typing this makes me nauseous remembering the taste. I have no idea why I tasted bleach, I just did. I will never, ever touch that stuff again. Even though white sugar makes me break out in a cold sweat and shoots my blood sugar through the roof, I’d rather have that than sucralose. (we did lose weight though, but I prefer a more natural approach now) In fact, I’ll take processed white table sugar over any artificial  sweetener.

My favorite sweetener is Rapadura. It does not affect my blood sugar, I don’t sweat and I really enjoy it in my coffee and teas and I like to cook with it. Raw honey and stevia are my next favorites for smoothies and teas, but I don’t think they’re as good for cooking.

The following sweeteners are used in many so-called health food products, but should be avoided.

Fructose and High Fructose Corn Syrup: These are highly refined products composed mostly of fructose. It is the fructose, not the glucose, part of sucrose that causes deleterious effects, especially in growing children.

Concentrated Fruit Juice: Fruit juices that have been boiled down are composed largely of fructose.

“Raw”, “Natural”, Turbinado and Sucanat Sugars* and Florida Crystals: These are all refined sugars from which the nutrients have been removed. Small amounts of molasses may be added back to give a light brown color.

*I’d like to note, sucanat is usually from dehydrated cane sugar only and that’s a good thing, but check the labels as there are a few people sneaking their refined sugar using a varient on the sucanat name and that’s why it’s in the bad list.

Acceptable sweeteners are below the fold. Continue reading

I Go Runnin For The Shelter Of My Mother’s Little Helper……………..TV

Totally stolen from Slublog.

How Pajama Momma Explains Life

Daughter: Mommy why do we have two hands?

Pajama Momma: So I can smack you with one and hold my beer in the other.

I Went To A Civil War Reenactment Yesterday

 A Civil War soldier standing at the side of the road watches sympathetically as I struggle to walk my four children down the pine needle laden dirt path while pushing a stroller intended only for pavement.

Soldier: That’s quite a load you got there.

Me: *grins and decides to be ornery*  Are you calling me fat?

Soldier: No ma’am I know better. I even have a gun and I know better.

This Is Dedicated To My Sister Kare-Kare Fare-Fare

Sheila plays the keytar

H/T. Old Cloots.

My Hairdresser Said To Wash My Hair Only Once A Week

My sister and I share the same hairdresser and we were both given this advice. Our hairdresser is pricey and we were tired of our hair color fading so quickly. Since Tammy is the best hair dresser evah, we obeyed.

Day 1: Hair still fine, put product in, looks great.

Day 2: Showered,  avoid getting water on hair. Put more product in. Showing signs of limpness?

Day 3: Pillow case looking dingy. Are those zits on my face?

Day 4: Talk to sister on phone, not liking hair plan either. Hair disgustingly greasy and scalp itching.

Day 5: Changing pillow case daily now. Went to grocery store and was handed sack lunch and some cash.

 Day 6: Sister calls hairdresser to ask WTF?

Hair dresser gently explains hair can be wet everyday to rinse product out and can be conditioned when necessary.

Oh, ooops.