Quick and Tasty Salad Idea


Romaine, spinach, feta cheese, walnuts and balsamic vinaigrette (organic soy free dressing). I “borrowed” this idea from a restaurant I used to work at many moons ago and changed it up a teeny bit. They use carmelized walnuts now and I’m not fond of that sweet taste with this salad. But anyhoo, it’s a great Warrior Diet salad.



  1. So, I think I could eat this salad–no wheat products, no soy. Cool. First visit to your site. Need to read back a bit, but it looks like you are on a healthy mission. Even cooler. And thanks for visiting RG!

  2. I’m extremely anti-soy. I avoid wheat for the most part however I do make a killer potato bread that requires wheat flour. I am looking into what I can use in place of wheat.

    So are you gonna spill the beans on your buxom blonde or are you just gonna torture me?

  3. Cool bowl….where’d ya get that? -the O.L.P.H. rummage sale?

  4. Cool bowl….where’d ya get that?

    Your cupboard.

  5. Don’t you dare try to blame that train wreck on me!! for a second I thought I was at the Deylin…..(finish the last name) house. Yeah, nice try! hahahahha!

  6. Oh that’s right. They Deyli…………..s hahahaha LMAO. hey I thought those bowls were expensive ok?

  7. PJ Momma, are you a moron? Nothing personal, I was just going to give you a reciprocal link, and I wasn’t sure where to put you on the blogroll.

    Yeah, that’s right. I be reading this thing now!

  8. Ace is the place baby.

  9. Orlrighty, then. I had to ask.

    I hardly ever touch my blogroll, on account of I set it up stupid and it’s hard to edit.

  10. Aw, well shucks. I’m downright flattered then.

  11. Well that looks like a big pile of colon blow for ya. Anyways, I think you look fine. You are a BBW in my eyes lady! More tush for the cush. :)

  12. Thank you upset waitress. :)

    colon blow and youhoooo in the morning

  13. Yummy!

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