This Is Dedicated To My Sister Kare-Kare Fare-Fare

Sheila plays the keytar

H/T. Old Cloots.

My Hairdresser Said To Wash My Hair Only Once A Week

My sister and I share the same hairdresser and we were both given this advice. Our hairdresser is pricey and we were tired of our hair color fading so quickly. Since Tammy is the best hair dresser evah, we obeyed.

Day 1: Hair still fine, put product in, looks great.

Day 2: Showered,  avoid getting water on hair. Put more product in. Showing signs of limpness?

Day 3: Pillow case looking dingy. Are those zits on my face?

Day 4: Talk to sister on phone, not liking hair plan either. Hair disgustingly greasy and scalp itching.

Day 5: Changing pillow case daily now. Went to grocery store and was handed sack lunch and some cash.

 Day 6: Sister calls hairdresser to ask WTF?

Hair dresser gently explains hair can be wet everyday to rinse product out and can be conditioned when necessary.

Oh, ooops.