You Want A Pool? Dig It Yourself!

My husband is a pool designer. The kids see him doing pool designs and notice he gets them for other people all the time, just not them.

Madeleine couldn’t handle it any more and asked me, “Mom, can’t we just ask someone else to get us a pool?” No honey, we’ll get a pool when we’re ready, mommy doesn’t want to have one just yet, Gavin is still too little.

Graham asked if they could just dig their own pool. You’re all over it son, have fun.


Got a phone call from Graham’s friend’s mom yesterday. Her son has lice and Graham had just been over there. Our neighbors had it twice and now this friend, so far we’ve avoided it. Now I know why. Lice likes clean hair.

It is a myth that head lice like dirty heads – in fact, there is evidence that lice (like parents!) actually prefer clean hair. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t get lice from poor people any more than you get them from rich people. An infestation does not indicate poor hygiene, and is nothing to be ashamed of. Unfortunately, routine bathing and shampooing will neither prevent nor eliminate head lice problems.