Jimmy Kimmel Scores *cough*

This is an update to the post I did called “I’m Effing Matt Damon”. Jimmy’s video pwned Sarah’s, but she gets better marks for originality.

 Originally I didn’t understand the “I’m Effing Matt Damon” video because I didn’t know Jimmy and Sarah were a couple. (I don’t follow Hollywood.  I don’t care about Hollywood) Now that I know they’re together this all makes sense.

Shamelessly stolen from The Hostages



  1. . (I don’t follow Hollywood. I don’t care about Hollywood)

    Oh Pleeeaseee!! Does this mean you don’t want me to renew your “gift” subscription to People and Us weekly?

  2. O/T since the Kimmel video is old as dirt…

    I know you liked Amy Winehouse before she went fruitcake. There is another chick that’s very good that you may like. Her name is Sia and her new album is called “Some People Have Real Problems”.

    If Amy Winehouse and Fiona Apple had a kid it would sound like Sia. Here’s a video from the CD. She’s a fucking weirdo but the album is good.

  3. Oh I love her Thank you! Kare kare, check out the link. I tried to call you to have you listen, but you are no esta. I think you’ll dig this chick too.

  4. Sia, my favorite way to view this video is with my eyes closed.

  5. Effing

    Hee. Your modesty is so fucking cute…


  6. You like that Old Cloots? :)

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