What To Do If You Catch Your Son Spanking His Monkey

Thanks to Abbadon’s parents for the home movie.

Yael Naim- New Soul

 h/t my sis, kare-kare by fare-fare

Easter Has Been Postponed Till Next Sunday

when mommy The Easter Bunny can get everything 70-80% off.

I was toying with the idea of telling the kids we’re Serbian Orthodox, but their calendar sets Easter on April 27th and I don’t want to wait that long. I guess we belong to the Church of the Cheap Mother.

I’m tempted to do this for Christmas this year as well. Sure beats getting up at 3 in the morning for Black Friday.

Here’s the “old” video classic, “The Easter Bunny Hates You”

I Better Get This For My Birthday


Size extra small, dainty, petite please. *cough

h/t: Sobek

Sex Ed Old School Style

A mystery/suspense author I enjoy is Mary Higgins Clark. I read her “Where Are The Children?” when I was a kid and it scared me to death.

About once a month I go hit the local thrift store and pick up a slew of books for a quarter each. Last month I was pleased to find about 6 Higgins Clark books and I scooped em all up. One of the books was called, “Kitchen Privileges“. I didn’t realize it was her autobiography until I started reading it.

I looove this woman. I expected her to be such a macabre human being and she’s so down to earth and fun, especially considering all the tragedies she’s been through in her younger years.

So here I am in the bath reading, as that’s the only place I can be alone, and an excerpt from her book made me LOL, so I figured I’d share it.

Ms. Clark’s generation never had that heart to heart discussion about sex with their parents, it just wasn’t done. I guess it was expected to be taught at school, even back in the 40’s. Continue reading

As Mortifying As It Is, I’m Posting My Fat Photo

No, I’m not posting it for you chubby chasers out there, I’m posting it so people can see what I’m up against and that I really do have to lose weight. I have the goal of having a hard body by the end of March *cough* (early May) and I will do this. Having this blog has really helped me stick to it. I didn’t have a scale when I started The Warrior Diet, but I’d say I’ve lost at least 12 lbs. this past month and since this picture was taken.

When I post my after pictures I don’t want to spoil it with my before photos, so I figure if I post my chunky monkey picture now, it will give people enough time to get over the shock and horror of what they saw.

Photo below the fold.

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Speaking Of Farts

This will be sure to entertain some of you for hours. Not me of course. I found it appalling and stuff……..seriously. You have to click on the fingers by the way.

Totally safe for work.

Farting: It’s Such A Gas

I was over at Prudence Ponder’s blog and she had a post on inapppropriate laughter which of course made me think of my own personal fart story. Because I’m too lazy to rewrite it, I copied and pasted if from her blog. Continue reading

The Damned- Alone Again Or

Not sure how I feel about the video, but it’s such a complete and total kick ass song.

Yeah said it’s alright
I won’t forget
All the times I waited patiently for you
As you do just what you choose to do
And I will be alone again tonight my dearYeah I heard a funny thing
Somebody said to me
That you could be in love with almost anyone
You think people are the greatest fun
And I will be alone again tonight for you

Hey said its alright
You know I won’t forget
All the times I waited patiently for you
Now you do just what
You choose to do
And I will be alone again tonight its true



Two Year Olds Are Wicked Evil: Why You Should Be Allowed To Stick Them In A Closet With A Grow Light Till They’re 18

Today was so unbelievably frustrating. Gavin turned two in February, it’s now March and he has now officially turned into a “terrible two”.  I guess he’s a late bloomer.

I was all ready to do a new blog post today, but something happened. Gavin happened.

My daughter is supposed to keep her markers in the baby free area, but somehow one always sneaks out. I tell her I will throw away every single one I find that makes it out of the Gavin free area and I do. I have no idea how we still have markers because I have thrown so many away. Continue reading