Speaking Of Farts

This will be sure to entertain some of you for hours. Not me of course. I found it appalling and stuff……..seriously. You have to click on the fingers by the way.

Totally safe for work.



  1. That reminds me of my grandpa, minus the smell…. Because when you pulled his finger, he really did fart!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Such range and tonal variety. Very melodius.

    I give it four farts.

  3. Alright, I planned on coming over here and stealing an idea from you… umm, your post is safe. :P

  4. LOL. My kids need to see that.

  5. cute stuff.. idarn, i wish i could play it at school but there’s no sounds on our computers ><” the guys in my class would totally love it

  6. NiceDeb and hasarena, the kids totally dig this.

  7. sweet! Thanks

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