Easter Has Been Postponed Till Next Sunday

when mommy The Easter Bunny can get everything 70-80% off.

I was toying with the idea of telling the kids we’re Serbian Orthodox, but their calendar sets Easter on April 27th and I don’t want to wait that long. I guess we belong to the Church of the Cheap Mother.

I’m tempted to do this for Christmas this year as well. Sure beats getting up at 3 in the morning for Black Friday.

Here’s the “old” video classic, “The Easter Bunny Hates You”



  1. Immediately after Easter is the best time to stock up on a year’s supply of Emergency Chocolate. Um, not that I should, but if I did, it might save someone’s life someday. You never know.

  2. Happy easter Pajamma. You can leave a trail of brown chocolates and tell the kids the easter bunny shit all over the house.

  3. Is the Church of the Cheap Mother accepting new parishoners?

  4. Just tell them you’re Jewish and you don’t believe this crap. Then buy them a box of matzoh and and give them some parsley and salt water.

  5. Happy Easter. Hope everything goes well.

  6. Happy Chocolate Overdose Day.

  7. Thanks for the Easter wishes, and right back atcher.

  8. Just show them the Easter Bunny Video and tell them that is what happens when you believe in the Easter Bunny…… He is real. He will leave you a basket, but you will pay for it when you get older. I know I am planning on showing my kids the video after school.

    Then – I will tell them they should be thankful I told them at a young age, now the Easter Bunny will only come after them a few times when they get older. Nightmares??? Well, a small price to pay so that I don’t have to stuff and hide 30 eggs with candy I won’t let them eat anyway. It just seems wasteful now that I don’t have someone to give the candy to!!! Freaken Warrior Diet!!!!!

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