Yael Naim- New Soul

 h/t my sis, kare-kare by fare-fare



  1. Oy vay. Your blog sounds like an Apple commercial…

  2. You know you nailed it Abbadon. I was thinking it sounded like the opening song to an HBO or showtime show, but your thought’s better.

  3. I like it! It’s a little catchy like a commercial, but I do like it. I’ll tell ya what I don’t like~her artwork~ is a bit old fashion.

  4. Ok nevermind abbadon, kare kare just told me it was an Apple commercial.
    Huh, guess they don’t play it on Nickelodeon.

  5. I kinda like it. Kinda weird. Kinda Yiddish. Kinda simple. Very different.

    And they have a trombone player in thier band. You know, there just aren’t enough trombones in pop music these days.

    The fact that it is actually in an Apple commercial diminishes its appeal to me more than a little bit.

  6. yeah, interesting thing about it being an apple commercial…………..is that commercial is what made it popular here…………I had to read up on her cuz I was curious. Good ole wikidpedia

    oh, but the video and song are not an Apple commercial……..apple liked the song and used it.

  7. Apple liked it…….lucky her

    This was my favorite commercial, I have heard it so much I am over it. Glad to know the artist tho….will look her up

  8. This is our daughter’s favorite tune. She does this little dance every time the apple commercial comes on.

  9. “h/t my sis, kare-kare by fare-fare”

    Is that in code?

    Like something cool people say?

    Is that why I don’t get it?

  10. hahha, no kare kare by fare fare is my sister and that’s her handle name. a h/t means a hat tip………she referred this song to me. :)

    but if i was creative i would have thought of something way cooler to say about it.

  11. but if i was creative i would have thought of something way cooler to say about it.

    Yeah, like “My sister is the most amazing human being on the planet. Her laugh is infectious and her smile makes the flowers bloom. I love my sister and worship the ground she walks on!” *takes out voodoo doll that looks like Karen and……*

  12. And she has a great, um, whosit, um, down there…

  13. OK I think I’m getting it now.

    It IS something cool people say.

  14. LOL

    Well I’m glad I’m cool somewhere.

  15. Well I’m glad I’m cool somewhere.

    I always thought you were cool everywhere, actually…

  16. Somehow I think that’s not a compliment.

  17. Makes me want to go out and buy another mac.

  18. Somehow I think that’s not a compliment.

    Actually, it was but after re-reading it, it sounds like a backhanded way of calling you frigid. of course, we know that’s not the case…


  19. Dammit! Now it really wasn’t a compliment!


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