Oh I Am Sooo Not Happy With WordPress’ New Dashboard

What the eff?

I liked it the way it was. Was this supposed to be an improvement? Oh this redesign is the Windows Vista of the blog world. I do not like that my videos do not show up on the post and that you have to click on a link to see them.  Not cool. 

 When I click on the dashboard everything is a jumbled mess, it’s visual vomit. I do not like that when I click on manage posts there’s no “edit this post” button. Isn’t that what manage means? I’m certain there’s more stuff that will irritate me. I just haven’t gotten to them yet.  grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Ok, now that I know I can embed videos still, I’m happy, well happier. It’s still visual vomit to me.

[UPDATE] I’m fully aware that WordPress is free. I’d also like to thank WordPress for allowing me to have this post up so that we can air our grievances about the changes wordpress has made. Just because it’s free does not mean I cannot have an opinion. :) Having said that, WordPress is still better than other blogging programs like “Blogger”

Anyone know where spellcheck is?

Best New Cover Singer Evah

h/t kare kare by fare fare

There’s A Kind Of Hush – Engelbert Humperdinck