The Flintstones Would Like You To Relax And Take A Smoke Break

Found the one below titled, “Smoke Break”, and thought it was kinda funny too.

Smoke Break



  1. FOOSBALL!!!11

  2. That’s what she gets for saying non-PC things like FAG…

  3. Ahhh, the Bedrock of my youth! Women doing housework, men taking smoke breaks and going to lodge meetings. Simpler, happier times.

    As for that woman. . . doesn’t she know she has to be 30 feet from any doors or windows to smoke?

  4. Hey Master Chief, those were the days, huh? When men were men and the sheep were very afraid and the women were glad of it.

  5. Rodger that, cranky. I’m the most unPC bastard I care to know.

  6. You two done being silly?

    Now get back to work!

  7. Crack that whip PJ. Don’t let those lazy men slack off.

  8. What Neanderthals.

  9. I did the laundry, stripped and made the bed and took out the trash. . . may I play now?

  10. Yes, you may plough now. ;)

  11. PJM wants her furrow plowed.

  12. Abbadon is only saying that because the “share” on his plough is hardly enough to do the tomato plants in the yard.

  13. Yeah/ I didn’t hear your wife complain about the size of my plowshare. I guess it beat the hell out of that little garden trowel she’s been used to all these years.

  14. Abbadon – You can’t just take my insult, re-word it and toss it back at me. That’s gauche!

  15. I DID do that, didn’t I??

    That’s some funny shit right there.

    Your wife says take out the garbage before she gets home…


  16. Who needs the Hostages when we’ve got Pajama Momma’s joint???

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