Mommytime: What I Do When MY Kids Are Asleep

Shah as if…….my kids won’t freaking take naps but if they did, this is what I’d do.
Mommy Time

h/t hellfire



  1. That was hilarious. There is nothing like being home alone.

  2. That video almost caused me to develop breasts. Holy estrogen.

  3. You have to watch ” I need a little privacy.” I am at the I don’t care part. I actually went to the laundy room (outside) in my panties and tank top looking for my shorts in the dryer. For some reason I forgot that the laundry room is outside, until I was actually out there. WOOOPS!!!!

  4. *Pssst! Hey kid. Yeah, you*

    WAKE UP!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!! Aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  5. If my kid actually fell asleep and you woke him up cranky, I would kill you………dead. And I mean that in the most loving way possible.

  6. Yeah, Jake isn’t much of a napper, and he wakes up REAL ugly. Just like his Mom.

  7. Oh I have an ugly waker upper too! Those suck. Luckily one out of four ain’t bad…..oh and it’s not me that wakes up grumpy btw.

    I’m more even keel. I’m grumpy all the time.

  8. What a disappointment. . . No battery operated *toys*, no Johnny Depp movies and no nudity!

  9. Aw, bullshit. Y’all would be furiously masturbating.

  10. What do you mean “would be”?

  11. Come on guys, you think I don’t have those videos in a vault? please

  12. you think I don’t have those videos in a vault?

    Give ’em up, babe!!

  13. Okay, that woman has WAAAAY too much energy. The last thing I’d be doing is aerobics. Sleeping all day, maybe …

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