My Shameless Brag Post-Madeleine The Fashion Designer (sshhhh, don’t tell the other kids about this post, k? they’re special in their own way. really)

My daughter Madeleine is in kindergarten and I’m not gonna lie, she has a talent for art. She did not get this talent from me as I have none, the only thing she got from me was free storage in my womb for nine months.

She gets it from her dad’s side. This is her aunt, this is her great aunt. Did I mention I have no talent? I just want to be clear.

Madeleine designed this dress free-hand yesterday. She’s decided we need to go to Paris right now so she can meet the fashion models there and make a gajillion dollars. Maybe I should have thought twice about that Barbie Fashion Show for PC game I got her?

I told her maybe when she gets a little older she can do that to earn money, but not yet. We’d have to find someone to make the dress and that costs a lot of money and mommy can’t afford that right now.

“What can I do to make money then? Can I have a lemonade stand?”

It’s too cold right now to have a lemonade stand. Do you wanna try selling hot chocolate?

“No mom, how bout oatmeal? That’s nice and warm”

I think we’ll just stick to drawing pictures.

Here’s her free-hand Spongebob and Mr. Crabs

as an aside, I always get a little nervous to compliment too much, because I think that’s what happened to 3/4 of the people who audition for american idol. their moms told them how great they were, instead of saying honey, you know those people that walk behind the horses at parades and sweep up their shit? that might be a more suitable goal for you.


Doh! Got Tagged Again

In A Mad, Mad, Mad World tagged me. This is the rule. Post a picture of your favorite beverage vessel and tag 0 – 5 more bloggers to do so, but I won’t tag anyone else this time cuz I just did it and I don’t anyone to yell at me, but feel free to tag yourself.

The bottle is my vessel.