Just Move Into The Neighborhood? How To Meet Your Neighbors

Yes, it’s Garren again. It’s always Garren.

 Notice again he has his onesie buttoned outside his pants? It’s not hoo-hah touching proof, but it does slow down the process.

I told the neighbors it was ok to break the child, but please don’t break my chair. I’ve had it since childhood, so it’s sentimental you know.




  1. Awwww poor chair. :(

  2. That pic is priceless! My signature move of childhood was breaking windows. I’d rock non-rocking-chair chairs through windows, toss rocks through windows, walk through windows. Your son’s head-stuck-in-chair stunt makes me nod and grin (knowingly).

  3. Yeah, they’re all special in their own way, huh?

  4. Poor Garren! At least he doesn’t seem to be too upset by the whole thing. How in the world did he get his head stuck below the seat? That’s some talent he’s got right there.

    That reminds me of that episode of Leave it to Beaver when Beaver got his head stuck between two fence posts.

  5. Poor Garren, You failed to mention you were actually putting the chair together and didn’t notice his head there until you were finished.

  6. Somewhere I have an incriminating photo of me getting all tangled up like that in a baby doll stroller. Hee-hee.

  7. Old.

  8. Old.

    yes you are.

  9. LOL.

    Remind me to tell you about Heir No. One and the button up his nose sometime.

    I just love it when medical professionals have to step out of the room to laugh.

  10. I’m just plain cold-hearted, because that CRACKED me up (assuming he’s okay, of course) …

  11. LOL! Kids are great icebreakers when meeting the neighbors! My daughter pooped in the new neighbors pool when they moved in and had a little meet and greet…Good times. Goooood times….

  12. Forgive me. I had to come back to this one more time. Seriously, LOL.

  13. I have to agree, kids are great icebreakers when meeting The neighbors. My neighbor was nice enough to tell me if my child, 4 yrs at the time, continued to run around the front yard without clothes, most certainly social services would be called. Thank God it got too cold to go bare bootie…. Lord knows I didn’t know how to get him to keep his clothes on. Mother nature is a friend of mine to this day.

  14. conservative belle: you’re so right! My poor chair!

    dadshouse: I guarantee you that Garren will be that child as well.

    wiserbud: are you calling my son retarded? That’s ok. I’m curious myself.

    Prudie: hah! I remember that episode. My aunt had done the same thing as a kid only she was riding a bike and crashed. If she’d landed just a bit over she would have been impaled at her throat.

    Blackiswhite: I’m waiting for your post on heir #1

    Mommypie: You see how traumatized I was, right? Me the one holding the camera laughing my tushie off? Yeah, I was really sympathetic.

    hooligans: Next time I’d bring Baby Ruths’s to the pool. Great disguise.

  15. Something to show the future girlfriends….

  16. Poor Garren – photographic proof of his judgment that will be shown to every prospective girlfriend. HAHAHAHAHA!

  17. Just how did Houdini get his start?

  18. How did he DO that? It looks like his head is at least 1.5 times the size of the opening, so he must have really pushed…

  19. Although now that I think about it, that sounds like childbirth.

  20. The Post is up.

  21. Hahahahahahaha hahaha haha OMG hahahaha hilarious fucking hilarious hahaha. Why are kids so stupid hehetrehaha :) Save these pics. As he gets older, you can totally use these as leverage.

  22. becky and MCPO: I can’t believe I never thought of using these photos against him later. Shame on me.

    Alice H: I’d rather have my head stuck in a chair than go through labor again.

    upset waitress: that’s always been my philosophy on kids, they’re retarded.

  23. I’d rather go through labor again, it lasts less time for me than I’m guessing your son had his head stuck. At least the pushing part. (Literally, “Hey, the baby’s coming RIGHT NOW” and it’s out, with both of mine. With my daughter, I went from 8 cm to the baby crowning in the time it took the doctor from examining me and saying “Should be within the next hour!” to walking to the birthing room door. If I had easier pregnancies I’d have a dozen!)

  24. Wait. You mean not all kids get their heads stuck in something? LOL, you mean… are you saying my kids are not normal?
    (and yes, I also have pics and they’re still hilarious to this day)
    LOL, I’m laughing just thinking about them… damn kids! How is it possible for kids to be meaner than junk yard dogs and sweet as honey, irritating as hell and yet full of fun all rolled into one body… I’ll never know.

  25. howdy ms anna! thanks for stopping by! :)

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