Naked Skydiving: It Cracks Me The Heck Up

Hah, you thought it was going to be women skydivers didn’t you? Tool.



  1. That’s gonna pinch when the chute deploys.

  2. …and you were searching for..naked….what?… when you found this? LMAO…

  3. *gently caresses hooligans hair and puts a finger on her lips

    Sssssssshhhhhhhh! There, there now…..don’t you worry your pretty little head about how I found it. This will be our little secret ok?

  4. Hah! Research, right? .lol…and good luck getting your fingers out of my hair. It’s like curly velcro…

  5. That hurt to watch! Jeez!

  6. I think you are spending way too much time on YouTube, Doll.

    I guess after he pulls the ripcord he will officially be, well hung.

  7. “Every little breeze seems to whisper Louise. . .”

  8. Gives a new meaning to wind sock.

  9. *gently caresses hooligans hair and puts a finger on her lips

    Will there be lesbian porn of you two on YouTube soon???

  10. Can you make money off youtube?

  11. I don’t think so. Wanna set up a pay-for-porn site together?


  12. Is the part circled in red their GPS tracker?

  13. oh my! I am actually at a loss for words with that video.

  14. Another good reason not to circumcise. That would’ve hurt even more!

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