Miley Cyrus Photo Shoot- What You Didn’t See

hat tip kare-kare by fare-fare



  1. Hi-Larious!! The dog collar and whip are the hallmarks of stage parents, IMHO.

  2. Creepy on SO many levels!

  3. But, but…it’s ART!!

  4. Great acting, realistic premise, awesome soundtrack. Only thing missing is more cow bell.

  5. hah! I love cowbell! I got a fever

  6. A fever? Poor blogmistress. Here, have some chicken soup with mazta balls.

    Jewish food is the cure for everything.

    Well, any food actually.

  7. Oy. A Christian, born into a Muslim family with Sikh and Hindu and Buddhist ancestors, offering Jewish food.

  8. Muslihoon – HA! Wonderful!

  9. Speaking of Jews…

  10. I just started but seems am already enjoying it……..wouldn’t mind knowing more.keep going buddy

  11. Yeah, and their whole post-publication indignity act had me laughing.

    Reminds me of when the girl who played Mary Ellen Walton posed for Playboy, then booked herself on all the talk shows to complain the pictures were too revealing. Let’s see … they had you straddle a mattress with your undercarriage lit, and you thought this was Glamour Shots?

  12. yah. kinda. poor kid.

  13. Dang, no sprinklers…

  14. Not a bad clip! Strange for a father to massage his daughter’s boob! Also the bit about Miley being told to put a replica of a penis into her mouth!

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