Happy 10th Birthday Graham!

Happy Birthday Graham. You are such a good boy. Such a wonderful addition to my life.

I’m so proud of you. Always on the “A/B” honor roll, always “A” citizenship. You’re a kind, sweet, sensitive boy, but you don’t let bullies kick your butt either, you’re tough like that.  I know you will grow up to be a wonderful man. And guess what? Just to embarrass you, I’m gonna say on here that you’re super duper handsome too! How do you like them apples huh?

oh and here’s the venus flytrap I promised you. see how much easier it would be to take care of this one than a real one?

Just kidding, I really ordered you one last night.



  1. Happy Birthday G-Man.

    Always be nice to your mom. That pays off down the road.

  2. Happy Birthday, Graham.

    (pj, on my 10th birthday, I saw Superman. You should take Graham to see Iron Man.)

  3. You know what bart? That’s a very good idea.

  4. Graham- Happy Birthday, young man. May today be filled with joy and happiness. May all of your tomorrows be filled with accomplishments, satisfaction and love.

    Oh, and I hope your Mom makes your favorite for dinner tonight.

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Happy 10th Graham! You obviously make your mom so proud. Tell mom to get off the computer and make you the BEST CAKE EVAH!!

  7. Happy birthday, young man! Have a wonderful year, Graham.

  8. Happy 10th Birthday, Graham.

    You are now in double digits which is a BIG deal.

    I hope you have a great birthday. And I hope one day you find your real Mom because she’ll be a lot nicer.


    But seriously. Happy Birthday.

  9. Happy Birthday, Graham. Finishing 10 orbits of the sun is pretty tiring, isn’t it? Hope you get some cool loot this year.

    P.S. Don’t feed your siblings to the Venus Fly Trap

  10. Happy B-day!!! You are an awesome kid and I can’t wait to come and visit you. Has your Mom and Dad given you the $500.00 gift card to Toys R Us yet? Oops…I hope I didn’t ruin the surprise. You are one lucky boy…I never spend that much on your cousin Brodey. For his birthday I wrapped up a yellow onion.

    Have an awesome day …you are growing so fast!

    I love you!
    Auntie Karen

  11. Happy 10th Birthday Graham!

  12. Happy Birthday Graham! I hope this year is better than last year and that next year is better than this year for you and your family.

    Obviously your mom is very proud of you and with good reason. Enjoy your day and may all of God’s blessings be with you and your family.

  13. Happy Birthday Graham!
    My mom always made me a chocolate cake with the coconut icing. I hope you get something like that, and lots of money too.

  14. Happy birthday, Graham! You are a DECADE old! How sweet is that? Because you’ve made your mom so proud I think you deserve two birthdays this year. How about November 5th? You’ll be 10.5!

  15. P.S. stick with the horse thing. Chicks dig horses!

  16. Happy B-Day, Graham!

    You must be a pretty great kid for your mom to be so proud of you. She has rather high standards, ya know.

  17. Is that horse crooked?

    Maybe on your next birthday, you can get the legs fixed.

  18. Happy B-Day. Keep making mama proud..It will do you right in the end.

  19. Happy birthday!

    Feed me Seymour…

  20. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Graham…..
    Happy birthday to you…………

  21. 御誕生日おめでとうございます, グラム-さん.

    Loosely translated, it means “Happy birthday. Now, go clean your room.”

  22. Happy birthday to a handsome young man! Before long you’ll be driving a car… Weeeeeeeeee!

  23. Happy Birthday, Graham.

    Also, smile and wave at your Mom when she takes a picture!

  24. Happy Birthday Graham!

    Man, it seems like just yesterday you were nine.
    Time flies!

  25. Happy Birthday Graham!

  26. Happy Birthday, Graham !

  27. Happy Birthday, Graham. I hope it was fun!

  28. The first 10 are easy, Graham…the next ones get harder.

  29. Happy B-Day Graham, even if I’m a little late.

    Ten is a great age. Play hard, have fun.

    Love your momma and make her put up pictures of the party.

  30. Happy birthday, Graham. You share theis special day with Tammy Wynette and Karl Marx.

    I’m guessing that means a lot to you…

  31. Happy Birthday! I hope your mom gets you all yoiu want.

  32. happy birthday graham!!!! I have something special for you, but since your mom never answers the phone, you will be getting it a little late!!!

    Ok, I didn’t actually call, but if I had, she wouldn’t have answered the phone, and even if she did, I’d probably still get your gift to you late. It just sounds better to blame it on your mom.

    But Hey, better late then never.

    Hope your birthday was wonderful!

  33. Happy birthday Graham! Your mom’s right — you’re a handsome little devil — congratulations on hitting the double digits!

  34. OK…this is a little late, but Happy Birthday!

    You and I share the same birthday! Granted I turned quite a bit older than 10 this year, but I can still remember becoming a ‘pre-teen’ on my 10th birthday. I was so grown up!

    I hope you enjoyed your day and that your Venus Flytrap is all you expected!

  35. My husband just bought a Venus Flytrap for our 9 year old because (it’s easy to take care of). This is for the same child who “forgot” to feed her fish for 6 months. Have you read the instructions on that thing? It’d be easier to build a rocketship out of toothpicks!

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