pjmomma’s sick

that’s why I haven’t posted anything this week. lo siento mucho

UPDATE: The verdict is in, me and the kids all have strep throat……..niiiiiiiiiiiice



  1. Hope you get better

  2. Get better soon.

  3. I’m so sorry! Can I do anything? Cybersit the kids? Fed ex some cheerio necklaces? Anything?

  4. I thought the dinner I sent you would have you all better by today?!? Well, let’s hope you mend up quickly. . . those shirts aren’t going to iron themselves you know! ;-)

  5. It’s going around. I am sure you got it from my step-daughter, and guess what she had step!!!! Better get to the doctor

  6. step!!!!

    Oh Yeah!…. I hear that “step” is a real bitch…better get the walker out.

  7. Can’t just fess up to writer’s block,eh? Fine then. Get better. *applies brainduster to Not Lou when leaving*

  8. What the heck is going around, and where? Half my blogroll seems to be calling in sick…

  9. Lou – I had step once, got a new shoe and it cleared right up.

  10. got a new shoe and it cleared right up.

    Thanks, I will remember that. My kids are always getting step…it’s awful.

  11. Sounds like my house right now. I don’t have it, but I’m the only one. Mheh.

  12. PJM – This may help cure you of your case of Step:


  13. I love that MCPO!!!! Reminds me of when my grandma and I used to hit the bars together. We used to go swing dancing so. much. fun.

    I miss swing dancing

  14. Your absence has been noticed. You’ll be docked accordingly.


  15. Here’s something you might like as well. . .


  16. I DO like that MCPO! Very much. I’ve never heard him before as far as I know.
    I’m going to look into him further.

    your comments keep going into spam because of the tinyurl. I don’t know why.

    sorry cranky, I’ll try not to get sick ever again.

    BIW- You are a lucky, lucky man turns out just the baby has strep. I have a ear/sinus infection.

    Hooligans- my kids are flying to California as I type this. Oh shit! You said “virtual babysit”? ooops
    Thank you eddiebear and usa admiral! :)

  17. PJ – When you get done with Django, check out his collaborator, Stephen Grappelli.

  18. Ok I was just joking about my stepdaughter getting your sick!!!!
    That sucks about the strep, hope you are feeling better real soon!!!!! The good news is that you can take antibiotics and actually feel better, if it was just a cold, you’d have to wait it out with OCM and well lets just face it….it doesn’t really work. Antibiotics work!!!!!

  19. Oh Yeah!…. I hear that “step” is a real bitch…better get the walker out.

    Look someone has to entertan you all if PJM is too sick to do it!!!!! I am just fortunate enough not to know how to spell, or type for that matter, so it’s not much effort on my part to give you thingsome to post about!!!!

    Your welcome!!!!

  20. Here is a little kid eating chicken soup. Maybe watcing that will make you feel better.

    Get Well
    Get Well Soon
    We Want You To Get Well

  21. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. You clicked again?! BWAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!

  23. yes. I. did

  24. That game’s probably run its course but it was fun as hell.

    I enjoyed it immensely.


    get well soon

  26. Poor Momma :( Get better soon — sending virtual penicillin your way …

  27. Get well….that’s an order!!!!!

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