Love Hurts

shamelessly stolen from The Hostages



  1. Great video but that last part with the over-dubbed baby’s voice was disturbing. Stole that from the Hostages, you say?


  2. OMG this is freaky!!!

  3. …and then it becomes obvious.

  4. Stealer!

  5. …and then it becomes obvious.


    um yeah it was obvious immediately for me

  6. Stealer!

    I dun shoulda said I stoled it from you

  7. okay, miss smarty pants

  8. no I was being sarcastic it totally had me freaked out

  9. Hah. Lame.

  10. Of course, it took me a while to realize the trick. Shows how slow I am.

  11. I had to cheat and look it up. Gee, paying attention to details….will this be important for the the career I am pursuing? Nah, prolly not.

  12. Ok. I’m too lazy to try to figure out the trick. Somebody explain it to me slowly please.

  13. The cards at the very end are not the same as the cards you were looking at when you chose your card. It’s all the same card faces and numbers, but mixed up. Did I explain that right?

  14. Dangit! Now I scared bart away and I was only kidding. I really couldn’t figure out that card trick.

  15. OK. Me gets it.

  16. And being the hunter I am, my only question was whether he was shooting a right handed bow strung backwards, or shooting a left handed bow right handed?

  17. I think he was blinded by love. And naturally you know being um, blind, it’s uh, it’s rather difficult to know how to properly shoot an arrow. See? Um, yeah.

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