What Do Kids Do When Their Mommy Is Too Tired To Care?

They make messes and have “Underwear Parties”.

I don’t know what an underwear party means, but apparently they were having one.


  1. Now you are going to give Rosetta more ideas! LOL


  3. sorry, no one over 6 allowed

  4. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm PJM Party at my hou…… er ok ok ill behave

  5. Just ’cause I’m 6 and 1/2 is no reason to discriminate!

  6. Is that like a full on nanny cam you had runing while you slept (or were passed out)?

    I go to bed before my kids all the time. But they are teens.

  7. hah, no I took a picture of them. I was in the living room (this was this afternoon) in the next room and I finally had to get up because their keyboard was playing the same song over and over and over again and it was driving me crazy. Turns out they were dancing to whatever minuet was being played again and again and had their whole underwear dance party goin on.

  8. Hey, PJM – If I have an underwear party, will you stop in?

  9. Oh my goodness! Do I remember those days! :)

    I’m glad you enjoyed my comment at Dadshouse. Just wanted to drop by and see what’s up at your place. Looks like some underwear dancing! Can’t beat that!

    Thanks for the compliment and hope to see you around, Pajomma Momma!

  10. Underwear Party. Wait … that sounds familiar … did you post about the kids’ term before? I could swear … but then again, it’s waaaay early in the morning and I’m completely sleep deprived.


  11. abbadon- not on your life

    cathouse teri- Hi and howdy, thanks for stopping by. I snuck a peak at your blog yesterday too. Dig it!

    mommypie- nope, this was a new one for me

  12. Is that a bedroom or a playroom?

    At least they weren’t hanging up your undies. It might have looked like “Cats Cradle”.
    (for those of you that never played this game..click below)

  13. Hey, Kare-Kare, wanna play cat’s cradle with your thong? Oh, wait, you already are…


    Not on your life

    On my LIFE isn’t exactly what I had in mind…

  14. No! No more naughty! behave

  15. I try, PJM, I really do…

  16. This PSA brought to you by… Funny stuff you have here.

  17. I try, PJM, I really do…

    I know, it’s hard. You’re doing really good. I understand you’ll have a slipup every now and again, but you’re learning.

  18. Hey thanks Allen!

  19. PJ – So, did you go out and buy your erst-while Oliver Twist some milk?

  20. Um, yeah, I like going to the store and freaking people out with my stent. No, the poor lad STILL does not have milk. I tried to give the little ingrate and Corona and he rejected it. I even made it margarita style………no dice.

  21. Poor tyke! I’ll ask they start a raw milk collection on IB and the Hostages. We should get enough “pennies” to buy a gallon.

  22. lol thats funny and a good idea for a party lol i dont know why kids dont like wearing underwear

  23. Just wait till they’re teenagers…then they come out of their rooms in their undies just to scare their sisters! LOL.

  24. @joshua diego- Hah, I’m happy mine at least wear underwear. It’s clothes they dont’ want to wear. Course Florida’s hot.

    @lwayswright- I dread that

  25. There’s a party in PJM’s underwear- everybodys coming!

  26. Nooooooooooooooooooooo! You bastages have to make every thread naughty.

    This is the only other place where’s there’s a party

  27. >>sorry, no one over 6 allowed

    PJM, I am 5’10”. Can I join? I will bring the twins.

  28. only if you bring those sweet little babies of yours tushar, but I will have to bite their thighs. sorry, all baby thighs must be chewed on.

  29. PJM – That video scared me! WTH was that?

  30. Yo Gabba Gabba, kids show. my kids hate it

  31. That is seriously creepy stuff!

  32. I think XBradTC outdid me this time.

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