Can I Have That For My Birthday? Can I Have That For My Birthday? Can I Have That For My Birthday?

My two oldest kids have already gone through the phase of asking for everything they see on TV for their birthday or Christmas. Garren is now in this phase and it drives me batty. This morning was the only time I’ve ever found it amusing.

Garren: Can I have a cup of milk?

Me: It’s all gone. Graham had the last of it with his cereal, remember?

Garren: Mom, can I have a cup of milk for my birthday?



  1. Poor child! Reminds me of Dickens; “May I have some more gruel, sir?”

  2. Hey PJM,

    You could always have powdered milk on hand for those moments…lol.

  3. NO!!!!!!!!!!! Never powdered milk again. HORRIFIC NIGHTMARES!

  4. LOL…..

  5. I’m not sure if I’m doing this right. There is a whole world on this computer that I never knew about. I just wanted to check on you and finally remembered you “name”. Sounds like you’re recovering well. Are the kids coming to swim?

  6. Wow! It worked!

  7. Beth how are you? hahahaha, wow big girl! good job you posted your first comment.

    at first I”m like, who the hee haw heck is beth? It only took me a little while.
    I’ll email you my response………..that is, if that’s really your email addy?

  8. Oh sure, email Beth. Fine. I’m leaving.

  9. hey, I emailed you that one day.

  10. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Bracon Mail

  11. im a bad seed, i love the taste of powdered milk

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