Ok, kare-kare posted her song of the moment, here’s mine

The Damned- History of the World (1980)

h/t fatherfigurefour



  1. check out Rank And File
    or the Cruzadios

  2. have you seen my NOFX cd?

  3. Yes, it’s in the van CD player. :P

  4. Is that where my dwarves CD is too?

  5. maybe

  6. That’s a fun one BiW.

  7. Here’s one from my past. . .Vinegar Joe:

  8. The again, there is this:

  9. My favorite authentic American song:

  10. For Dave in Texas:

  11. Don’t you try and tell me you know who leonard cohen is MCPO!!!! He’s one of my favorite singers and I’m so bummed because pjdaddy got me a present to see him for my birthday and stupid me scheduled my tummy tuck two days before his show. It was in Canada and I was in no condition to even go potty much less travel there. Such a shame cuz I love that man with all my heart. Oh Leonard, I love you!

  12. PJM – I was listening to Leonard when you were just a gleam in your Daddy’s eye.

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