Best Purchase Ever

So pjdaddy’s work had a booth at the local home show back in March. Home shows are evil because they make pjmomma want to spend lots of money.

Anyhoo, there was a booth there that had the Vita-mix. I love this blender. My mom had one of these when I was a teenager and they made the best fruit smoothie/protein shakes ever. Hers is the old school style.These things can liquefy anything. With the amount of ice I used to put in my protein shakes (now I just use frozen fruit) I would wear down the motor on regular blenders in about 6 months. I’m 35 now and this puppy still works. Can you even comprehend how many margaritas this thing has made?

My kids, pjdaddy and I decided to watch the demonstration they had going on. This woman rocked. You know she made everything look so easy. Lucky for me I’m old enough now to know I will be incapable of doing what she did with that blender, just like I know my hair will never look as good as it does the very day I come home from the hairdresser. It’s like some sort of rule, or law, or something.

But when that woman made a fruit sorbet and included cabbage in the mix and my kids actually freaking ate it, I knew right then I had to have that blender. I promised pjdaddy that there’d be fancy dinners every night for us and I just knew that I could sneak fruit and veggies into the kids’ diets without even one single death threat. He relented. Sucker.

I got that puppy home and bought all sorts of ingredients for all these soups and sauces and even the ingredients for ice cream. It is able to pulverize fruits and veggies so thoroughly that you can drink them as a juice. Which is better than a juicer because they remover the fiber. I’ve been able to make the best fruit smoothies. You know how on most blenders if you put a load in it that’s too hard to handle the motor will struggle determined to move the blade, but it won’t obey? I have been able to load the vitamix to the top with frozen, bulky items and it has no problem moving. It’s tamper really helps with that because it’s designed to be just long enough to get the food moving, but just short enough that it doesn’t hit the blades which, always freaked me out when I’d stick a knife in a standard blender to try to get stuff moving.

Oh I’ve made so many healthy soups with that thing. Sometimes healthy tastes like ass, other times healthy tastes good when you add cheddar cheese. I will confess not too many fancy dinners ever materialized as a result of the vitamix. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t consider soup a fancy dinner. Let me just tell you though, I’ve made a serious amount of ice cream with that thing. Hands down, chocolate ice cream is the best.

I would have blogged about this awesome, awesome blender sooner, but my mom reads this blog and I didn’t want her to know I spent such a disgusting amount of money on a blender. I hid it when she came to help me with my tummy tuck, but I got caught when the kids wanted her to make some ice cream. I know I still owe you that money mom, uh, checks in the mail?

Oh and one other thing I bought at the show that really, really kicks bootie are these microfiber cleaning cloths.They clean anything and everything and they do it well. I use them to clean the kitchen and bathroom counters, the stoves, the floor (they have a swiffer type hook up dealie for that and one to clean ceiling fans) the appliaces and my walls, not sure if you can imagine the amount of dirt damage four kids can do to a house, but the amount of handprints and footprints is insane.



  1. i got s jack lalane juicer once at a trade show, it RAWKS!!!!!
    i drink tomato/celery/orange juice!!

    you got climber monkeys, get the rake!

  2. The tamper looks a lot like “my” best purchase ever.

  3. Except your “best purchase ever” is pink and it vibrates, right?

  4. you got climber monkeys, get the rake!
    HAHAHAHHAHA! I wish I’d thought of that.

  5. Except your “best purchase ever” is pink and it vibrates, right?

    No! it’s purple.

  6. you’re naughty. I’m telling mom

  7. Now, this discussion is moving in a direction I can support!

  8. karekare is it the length or the width?

  9. I love my immersion blender

    immersion > conventional

    wow your kids literally climb the walls

  10. karekare is it the length or the width?

    It’s the girth, actually.

  11. See what I mean?

  12. I’m gonna have to say I agree with you Abbadon, however it’s gotta be longer than my pinky.

  13. You know what Bart? I’ve honestly never tried and immersion blender. I’ll bet it can’t make ice cream though huh?

  14. Gawd, I want a vitamix. I’m on my third hamilton beach blender since starting the Warrior Diet. (I’m on my second juicer… oy.)

    it’s gotta be longer than my pinky.


  15. It probably cannot, pj.

    But, 1) why go through the trouble of making ice cream when it is readily available in so many flavors and qualities, and 2) Ice cream make me fat and gassy.

    With the immersion blender, it seems you chop stuff more easily and thoroughly. And it much easier to clean.

  16. oh, I’ve heard great reviews for the Magic Bullet.

    People absolutely love it. I guess it’s really quick and convenient. I’d buy one but my immersion blender does everything I want it to do. When the time comes for a new blender, I’m buying the Magic Bullet.

  17. Are you being serious about the Magic Bullet? Well, they have an interesting commercial.

    The new vitamix is very easy to clean. I have never had any issues with stuff getting stuck under the blades or on the container itself. Easy peasy.

    I just love the fact that I can put some builiion in it, a whole carrot, onion, tomato, squash, bell pepper, mushroom, garlic some other seasonings and make a really healthy soup base. The kids never know all those veggies are in it.

    prudence I highly recommend it. I highly recommend it for the warrior diet. I love all the soups and sauces you can make that are perfect for the Warrior Diet. You get so, so many veggies in and because of the fiber content it doesn’t shoot your blood sugar level through the roof like regular veggie juice sometimes does to me.

  18. why go through the trouble of making ice cream when it is readily available in so many flavors and qualities, and 2) Ice cream make me fat and gassy.

    No trouble, once the ingredients are in, it takes 60 seconds to make the ice cream. It’s actually more the consistancy of frozen yougurt, but the kids don’t care and that’s who the ice cream is for. It’s not like the ice cream in the store as there’s no preservatives or weird fakey ingredients in it. I can make it very natural and much healthier for them. That’s what makes it super cool.

  19. Yes, quite serious about the Magic Bullet.

    I thought it was just another junky item being peddled on TV, but it’s all the rage at the bodybuilding forum. They like it because you throw a bunch of stuff in the blowl, blend it, put the lid on the bowl, and go go go to wherever you need to go.

  20. Well that has me very interested. I always thought it was more junky tv stuff too. I’m curious what protein powder you use since you said mine was expensive, I wanted to see if maybe I’d like yours better.

    the bodybuilding forum has my soy article linked in a thread there so I always get hits from them

  21. *Y-A-W-N! I thought we were going to be discussing something other than blenders?

  22. Naughty MCPO! That’s for the other blog.

  23. PJM – OK. Don’t make me throw some Beatles lyrics on you!

  24. What other blog?

    it’s gotta be longer than my pinky.

    I hope you’re pinky is 7 inches long…

  25. Cabbage in a smoothie? Your kids must be shitting up a storm. Do they use the microfiber cleaning cloths to wipe?

    I’m waiting for the pyramid scheme… but maybe you really do simply love this machine!

  26. Hah, you do not have to purchase this machine dadshouse, but it does rock and it makes a killer margarita.

    *whips open trenchcoat to reveal containers of all shapes and sizes

    However, I’d like to have a few minutes of your time to show you some Amway products I have.

  27. Does it do frogs well?

  28. Blending Frenchmen is still illegal in the US, Abbadon.

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