Sweet, Sweet Embarrassment

pjdaddy hammers beer caps for the kids so they have little disks to throw, or pretend they’re money or whatever they do with them.

I’m at the doctor’s getting my bellybutton (not tummy) stitches and my drain out by the nurse and I hear Garren talking to the doctor.

Garren: You wanna see Garren’s money? (Garren only speaks in the third person)

Doctor: Oooohhhhh a Landshark Lager beer lid, how nice.

All I could do was laugh and then discuss with them how much better Corona with a lime is than their lager hoping it would distract them.



  1. for the kids so they have little disks to throw,

    It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye…


  2. No biggie, they have two eyes. If they lose one it just means they can’t play anymore. Games over.

  3. Why stop at one?


  4. When I was a kid, my mom would give me her old credit cards to play with. (She’d cut the bottom off so the number was gone.) I’d go to my buddy’s house and buy shit from him, and “put it on my charge”.

    Problem was, he didn’t have much to sell besides dog food that he stole from his dog’s bowl. We were kids! Bottle cap money that you can throw around sounds perfect.

  5. “What else should I be
    All apologies
    What else could I say
    Everyone is gay
    What else could I write
    I don’t have the right
    What else should I be
    All apologies”

    – Nirvana

  6. PJM, my youngest brother at three found “Wrapper Monies” in my sock drawer, and yes they were ribber4 for your pleasure

  7. Ribber4s have Ridger4s.

    Everyone is gay? Having a coming out party, MCPO? ;o)>

  8. is that your final question syb?

  9. Why do you ask?

    What difference does it make?

    Are we keeping track of how many questions people ask?

  10. you may qualify for the bonus round and a chance at the Big Grand Prize

  11. “Out here in the fields
    I fought for my meals
    I get my back into my living
    I don’t need to fight
    To prove I’m right
    I don’t need to be forgiven”

    – The Who

  12. Sweeet MCPO

    Thats one of my favorites

  13. Who’s next?

  14. “I should laugh, but I cry,
    Because your love has passed me by.
    You took me by surprise;
    You didn’t realize
    That I was waiting.

    Time goes slowly, but carries on.
    And now the best years have come and gone.
    You took me by surprise,
    I didn’t realize
    That you were laughing.”

    – The Guess Who

  15. me me me me next!

    Saint Paul the persecutor
    Was a cruel and sinful man
    Jesus hit him with a blinding light
    And then his life began
    Augustin knew temptation
    He loved women, wine and song
    And all the special pleasures
    Of doing something wrong

    You’ll never make a saint of me

    And could you stand the torture
    And could you stand the pain
    Could you put your faith in Jesus
    When you’re burning in the flames
    And I do believe in miracles
    And I want to save my soul
    And I know that I’m a sinner
    I’m gonna die here in the cold
    I thought I heard an angel cry

    – The Rolling Stones

  16. There once was a man from Nantucket…

  17. oh baby you had me in nantucket

  18. For PJM:

    “I touched you once too often
    Now I don’t know who I am
    My fingerprints were missing
    When I wiped away the jam
    Yes I called my fingerprints all night
    But they don’t seem to care
    The last time that I saw them
    They were leafing through your hair

    Fingerprints, fingerprints
    Where are you now my fingerprints?

    – Leonard Cohen

  19. “I touched you once too often
    Now I don’t know who I am
    My fingerprints were missing
    When I wiped away the jam

    OOH baby!

    Judge said “Son, I know your baby well
    But that’s a secret that I can’t never tell”
    Dupree said “Judge, well, it’s well understood
    And you got to admit that sweet, sweet jelly’s so good”

    Well you know son, you just can’t figure
    First thing you know, you’re gonna pull that trigger
    And it’s no wonder your reason goes bad
    Jelly roll will drive you stone mad

    Same old story, and I know it’s been told
    Some like jelly jelly, some like gold
    Many a man’s done a terrible thing
    Just to get baby a shiny diamond ring


  20. classy damn that sybil – seriously no BS!

  21. No, lemon is better!

  22. WRONG! lime!

  23. You know you’re a redneck if …


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