Please, Please, Please Come To My House

h/t XBradTC



  1. Oh you have no idea! That was great.

  2. They ain’t shit. I didn’t see the buffer team and wax crew.

    Seriously, in 12 years in the army, I spent 6 years cleaning.

    We took a set of mops to Saudi in 91. And used them.

  3. HA! Those guys in Bragg know how to clean a laundry facility!

  4. will there be snacks?

    and to our WONDERFUL BRAVE Soldiers Saliors Marines Pilots and Guardsmen whereever you serve
    WE love you

  5. Check out the update.
    People used to always ask me what the Army was really like. There you have it.

  6. That was great!

  7. Syb
    you know what else is great?, BACON
    Gavin and I LOOOOOVE bacon

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