Compare And Contrast

Two of my children’s reactions to my tummy tuck and my weight loss.

Garren: Are you going to shrink to be a baby? If you shrink to be a baby you will not be able to take care of us and we need you to take care of us. You do NOT shrink anymore.

And then there’s Madeleine: You still have fat there, there, there, there aaaaaaaand, there.

Course Madeleine has an even better story for me today. I’d been so swollen  that I was looking a bit like a pot bellied pig. I went to the doctor on Friday and he bound me so tight in my brace I could hardly breathe. It worked. My swelling has gone down and as of today, my stomach is nearly flat. Madeleine’s reaction was to tell me that it looks good except for my boobs. “Now they’re giant and they don’t match your tummy.” I’m ok with that.



  1. “Now they’re giant and they don’t match your tummy.” I’m ok with that.

    As are the rest of us testosterone-laden blog readers.

    Is it too early to demand more pics?

  2. hah, yes

  3. Flat tummy. Giant boobs.

    The mind boggles at the possibilities.

    Mr. pjm is one lucky sumbitch. Hope he knows it.

  4. “Now they’re giant and they don’t match your tummy.” I’m ok with that.

    You write stuff like this and then admonish us to “keep it clean” in comments.

    You’re evil. I’m going to go finish watching this video about a really cool car.

  5. It was supposed to be amusing because she thinks my boobs are gross and don’t fit in with my body.

  6. Poor Delusional Child!

    its still your eyes tho, those luminous wondrous eyes!

  7. It was supposed to be amusing

    The activity it makes me think of is definitely a form of amusement. It certainly beats any amusement park ride any day of the week!

  8. Poor Garren! This whole episode is going to cost him years of therapy.

    Madeleine has an artist’s eye and hasn’t yet grasped how ludicrous the human body can be.

  9. Heh. I think you need a pair of these.

  10. hahahaha, big twins?

  11. I wonder how much Big Jim and the twins weigh?

  12. “I was five and he was six,
    we rode on horses made of sticks.
    He wore black and I wore white,
    he would always win the fight.

    Bang Bang,
    He shot me down
    Bang Bang,
    I hit the ground
    Bang Bang,
    That awful sound
    Bang Bang,
    My baby shot me down.”

  13. Musical Tourette’s Syndrome is a debilitating, heart-breaking condition. You can help, or you can turn the page…

  14. It is outstanding to hear you are proud of you assets! Boobets? We need more of that. Wear em’ proud!

  15. Wonderful pictures.. :)

  16. Mr. pjm is one lucky sumbitch. Hope he knows it.


  17. Giant boobs? Flat tummy? Can I have the name of your doctor, pleassse?

  18. What, no pics so we can make our own determination? You made us look at the belly scars. We want boobs! (For research purposes, only, of course)

  19. you’ll get nothing and like it

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