My Furniture Ain’t Good Enough, Madeleine’s Gotta Make Her Own

When it’s raining (every summer afternoon in Florida) or it’s too dang hot, the kids have to keep themselves busy inside. I let them have free range, within reason, as long as they clean up after themselves and they don’t do anything that might put them in the hospital, because things like that really put a cramp in my day. Totally Annoying.

Sometimes they create a whole new living room.

I tried to figure out a way to trim the complete pig stye that surrounds the “new” living room out of the photo, but sadly I couldn’t do it without trimming heads. I just had to swallow my pride and show disaster house the way it is.

Sometimes, they like to create a whole new dining room. I prefer interior design as a way to get them to eat lettuce as opposed to watching Popeye, which makes them try to punch each other’s lights out to try out their newly acquired muscles. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll do whatever it takes to get them to eat healthy and if knocking each other unconscious is what it takes, well…………

Sometimes they like to pretend they’re roasting marshmellows by the fire in the great outdoors. They even have a Garrenbush to accent the campground.

I like to pretend that I don’t get involved in or direct my kids play activites in any way because I don’t want to influence them or stifle their creativity, but the reality is, I’m just plain lazy.



  1. Growing up in a large family, we didn’t have anything that looked like “Better Homes & Gardens”. Didn’t bother us. We had warm clothes in the winter, plenty to eat (lots of beans and rice) and a loving family. In the long run, whether your furniture is from a 2nd hand store or Ethan Allen, is less important than you might think.

    I think your approach to your children’s play is commendable. Too many folks over-supervise and over-analyze.

    Now, where are my marshmellows??

  2. Popeye ate spinach, not lettuce. Teach that boy of yours right! (I do sort of like the mini dining table, though. Is that Ikea?)

  3. Now, where are my marshmellows??

    You bring the chocolate and the graham crackers and I’ll bring the marshmellows.

    Popeye ate spinach, not lettuce.

    I prolly should have clarified that I mix spinach in with my kids’ salad greens and I wish we had an Ikea in those parts, the table is comprised of Sit-n-Spins and a beach towel. Madeleine’s living room chair is a storage box stuffed with a comforter so it won’t collapse, padding from the kids’ backyard chair set for the arms of the chair and a piece of wood from the garage for the chair back.

  4. “as long as they clean up after themselves and they don’t do anything that might put them in the hospital, because things like that really put a cramp in my day. Totally Annoying.”

    Kinda like when I have to tell Heir No. One “Don’t Do That!”
    “Why Not?”
    “Because I don’t want to spend the next 6 hours in the ER. I got things to do.”

  5. Is it just me, or is the dog in almost every picture you take of your children?

  6. Your daughter is like a little Martha Stewart, minus the GPS ankle tracking device and the snotty attitude. I love her creativity (centerpiece and tablecloth on a sit-n-spin – wow!) and she’s a cutie-patootie in that princess dress.

  7. I was wondering what the pink stuff was, then my dodo head figured out it was the fire they were roasting their marshmallows over. Heheh I am so dumb.

  8. Oh I forgot CBelle,
    Hahahahah! Gps ankle……heheheh! Snotty!!!!!!! hahaha

  9. the kid on the far right in the first pic is prolly the best behaved

  10. I tell myself that my laissez faire attitude builds creativity and inventiveness. But the truth? I’m lazy too.

  11. SDM – Why can’t it be both?

  12. When I was a kid, the only thing we had to play with was dirt. And we were lucky to get it.

  13. I’d say I’m lazy too, but I’m too lazy to write a whole comment about it.

  14. Alice , I Like your thinking!

  15. You know, my dear, I think only you could come up with a word that would result in exactly ONE Google hit. Talk about unbridled creativity – congratulations!

  16. BiW- Exactly, I don’t need them messing up my day. You don’t want mommy upset do you?

    eddiebear- It’s not that he wants to be with the kids, it’s that he has to be by my side every second of the day. He will not even leave the bedroom till I do in the morning.

    CB- If she’s anything like me in high school, she will be wearing a GPS monitor.

    VMaximus- well it was a little ballet tutu at one time, but it didn’t fit her anymore so it found a new use.

    xbradtc- And you’re a better man for it

    SDM- You even found a fancy way to say lazy. :)

    Alice- word

    Abbadon- hahahaha, why on earth were you searching for a garrenbush? I prolly should have put abbadonbush huh? ;) Only Madeleine would think of putting that boy in a green costume and squishing him into that horribly uncomfortable position for her campfire and only Madeleine could get him to do it.

  17. Seriously, that is genius. Muirne only wants to pretend if it has something to do with animals. Bardolf is on ly two so he pretty much does whatever she says. I am afraid of the day he doesn’t want to play “You are the dog and I am the owner” or “Kitten Rescuer”

  18. So if they play kitten rescuer, does he get put in a cage? Big sisters are so diabolical creative and brutal nurturing. I know I was one.

    I’m pretty sure that’s why my sister is becoming a sheriff’s deputy so she can tase my arse next time I come to town.

  19. We used to have a dog kennel (that Lizzard crapped in every time she was in–I know sick I bleached it) and the Muirne would lock Bardolf in it when they were playing so yes, it does entail locking up in cages…she is a devious one that muirne. BTW I sold that kennel on CL and Muirne was devasted because she couldn’t use it to lock up–err play with Bardolf anymore.

  20. Hah, I’m gonna have to dig up my photo of the oldest three in a dog crate. I’ll be curious to see how long it takes child protective services to show up after that photo.

  21. Awesome. I wish I would have taken a picture. Oh that reminds me..there used to be this web-site that sold “kid Crates” they made it look al legit. It was hilarious…wish I would have bookmarked it!

  22. the table is comprised of Sit-n-Spins and a beach towel

    Phyllis Diller used to have dinner parties on a huge lazy-susan spinning table. She’d serve everyone something different, then mid-course spin the table – whatever plate landed in front of you, you’d continue eating off of it! (So sayeth my dad, who filled my brain up with all sorts of KNOWLEDGE)

  23. It was hilarious…wish I would have bookmarked it!
    I tried to find it. durn, no luck

    dadhouse, I’ve heard that too. I’m too much of a “monk” to be too crazy about that idea.

  24. I feel your pain with the Florida Summers. It’s either blistering hot or raining cats and dogs. Kudos for letting them be kids…your way!

  25. PJ, there should be a cuteness warning. You’re a good mom.

    I’m guessing you don’t let your kids watch The Three Stooges? My mom hated that show. I guess me and my brother probably tried out some of the booping and bashing we saw Moe, Curly, and Shep doing to eath other.

    Wish I had had some dirt to play with growing up. Rich people horded all the dirt. Best I ever got was dust.

  26. h7xSXZ gks72nf95mdHfLav1Xpu

  27. Oh yeah? Well 8675309 to you buddy!

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