I Got An 18 Out Of 20

 I didn’t get chunky because I ate salad ok? I blame chocolate, well, I mean, that and emotional overeating. Oh and beer. See what you get on this quiz.

stolen from innocent bystanders


  1. 14 out of 20. What the hell is a Nestle Chunky? It looks gross.

  2. I would have done better, but they had one look like a Butterfinger that really wasn’t.

  3. Dang Mom….
    Color me impressed… i only got 12 out of 20

  4. Turtle cheated. He copied the answers when I was taking it. :P I got 12 of 20 too, what a coincidence!

  5. Whatever Belle… you were trying to figure out what type of candy bar pjmomma was while I was taking the test. :P

  6. Turtle is sneaky (ergo the turtle name). Don’t let him fool you. And he didn’t even know what a PAYDAY was. Hmph!

  7. I think I imight have to put turtle and CB in separate rooms!

  8. Tell ya what: Those cross sections sure look different when bitten through rather than sliced cleanly with a knife. I think I coulda done better if they’d been properly bitten.

    ‘Course I could be crying sour grapes, too.

    I only got 11. I was chagrined.

    Nestles Chunky! I remember them when they first came out!. There were two kinds – the yucky regular kind with like raisins or sumpin in there, and the all-nut kind. Was it during Kennedy’s administration?

  9. Wrong! I just looked up when the Chunky was first sold: 1930 or thereabouts. I’m not that old. I guess it was just “new to me”. Or just their first TV advertisement?

  10. I got 14. And if they hadn’t had Skor and Heath both as options for one of the toffee bars, it would have been 15.

    Mmmmm. Chocolate. I think my husband’s gonna have to go on a sweets run tonight. He was talking chocolate chip cookie dough earlier.

    There was a heavy ad campaign for Chunky when I was probably six or seven years old, IIRC – which would make it late 70s.

  11. Steamboat – Right you are! In ’61/’62 I would get my allowance on Friday and walk down to the drug store and buy a Chunky and get the latest issue of Detective Comics.

    PJM – You are a goddess. I only got 14 right.

  12. I only got 7 right. Probably because i usually stuck to Payday bars most of the time.

  13. If I told you guys what I used to eat every day for lunch you’d be repulsed. It’s a wonder I’m not being lifted out of my bed by a crane to go to the bathroom.

    I don’t do chocolate with raisins, that’s a sin against God and man as far as I’m concerned.

    Take 5 was the other bar I screwed up on.

  14. put turtle and CB in separate rooms

    ACK!!! That would be like denying peanut butter its passionate affair with chocolate.

  15. Now I want a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

  16. Now I want a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

    Oh you don’t even know.

    Course I only do the holiday reese’s because there’s just so much flippin peanut butter in them.


  17. 18 out of 20, missed the Take 5 and some wierd one I never have had.

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