Tummy Tuck Results

still got a pink bellybutton, but I’m very happy with the results

The lines you see below my bellybutton are from the brace I will have to wear for a couple more weeks. I don’t have any “before” photos of my stomach, but it looked very similar to this one.

I’d like to thank Dr. Dean DeRoberts of Aesthetic Center of Jacksonville. I could not have gotten better quality if I had a “surgeon to the stars”. You rock!

[UPDATE] For those of you curious, they took five pounds of fat and tissue off me. Hah, I was actually disapointed. I was sure I had like 12 lbs of fat there and was so excited thinking there was going to be this insane difference in the scale. Um, nope, not gonna happen.

This is what I looked like the day after my surgery.

This is why I got it done.