I Am Going To Kill Whoever Opened The Bag Inside The Cereal Box This Morning

This is not an actual photo of what happened after I poured my daughter a bowl of cereal from the poorly opened box of non-frosted corn flakes this morning. (see how good a mom I am? non –frosted, please forget about the four Dum-Dum lollipops each of them have already eaten today)  I would be thrilled if my kitchen was this clean.

I’ve actually toyed with the idea of getting a  Roomba. How cool would that be? I would just lie on the couch  (hah, I can never realistically do that because as soon as I lay down, there’s always some kid jumping on me) and let the Roomba do all the work.

All the dog hair and food crumbs would magically disappear and I wouldn’t have to lift a finger. I would paint my nails. I would read a book. I would put my swim suit on and soak up the sunshine in my backyard. I almost couldn’t write that little ditty right there without cracking the heck up.

Realistically what would happen is the Roomba would alternate between having the dog attack it and getting held up on a toy or piece clothing that just couldn’t make it to the toy box or laundry basket. @#$% is up with that? Why can the laundry make it to the outside of the laundry basket, just not in? How much extra energy needs to be expended to take it that next step?

I can’t wait till I’m grown up and can afford a weekly maid service, instead of the twice a year before my mother in law comes to town service.


And I suppose I could also just pay attention to how the cereal box was opened before I poured it. I despise simple solutions