Cute Overload Warning

I don’t follow the panda stories whenever they’re on the news, not sure what the huge fascination with them is, if I’m gonna waste my time it’s on That web-site is where my warped interests lie.

However, my friend wiserbud sent me these pictures and the mom in me just melted. I cannot express to you how flippin adorable these little babies are. If I didn’t think they’d slice me in two with their claws if I got near them, I would bite their thighs like I do my 2 year old’s.

You’d think I’d put the cutest one up first to make you really want to stay and see more, but that’s not how I roll. I’m cool like that. Well, that and I’m too lazy to take the pictures out of numerical order and then remember what number it was and then go throught the effort to make sure I don’t accidentally repost it again because I wasn’t paying attention. And in addition, I would be all itchy and uncomfortable because they were out of numerical order, you know, stuff like that. Continue reading