Cute Overload Warning

I don’t follow the panda stories whenever they’re on the news, not sure what the huge fascination with them is, if I’m gonna waste my time it’s on That web-site is where my warped interests lie.

However, my friend wiserbud sent me these pictures and the mom in me just melted. I cannot express to you how flippin adorable these little babies are. If I didn’t think they’d slice me in two with their claws if I got near them, I would bite their thighs like I do my 2 year old’s.

You’d think I’d put the cutest one up first to make you really want to stay and see more, but that’s not how I roll. I’m cool like that. Well, that and I’m too lazy to take the pictures out of numerical order and then remember what number it was and then go throught the effort to make sure I don’t accidentally repost it again because I wasn’t paying attention. And in addition, I would be all itchy and uncomfortable because they were out of numerical order, you know, stuff like that.


Keep going, it gets cuter. I promise.

“Drop the bamboo shoot and put your paws up!”

Gah! I just finished downloading all 23 photos. Do you know how long it takes to do that? It’s horrible. That actually made me itchy and uncomfortable. You know, like how when you’re doing one of those 5 thousand piece puzzles and you can’t quit? You sit there for hours upon hours. You start getting irritated and your body aches, but you can’t quit because you will be uncomfortable leaving it unfinished. Nevermind the fact that you have 80 gajillion other products in your room that are unfinished. You do this project because you know it’s something you can and you will complete.

You’ve spent days working on this puzzle. The time comes to put the last piece in…….and it’s gone. What…the..hell? You look everywhere! You curse! You scream!

You find out later, after you’ve given up and put the puzzle back in the box that while you were momentarily away from your puzzle, probably on a restroom break, your sister took a piece and hid it and that your parents knew she had done this and they were all snickering behind your back waiting for the ticking time bomb to go off.

Um, you know that feeling…………right? Ok, well I probably didn’t feel quite like that downloading these photos, but it was frustrating.


  1. So sweet I’ll be pinging off the walls for hours. Then I’ll have the world’s worst headache. Thanks. Did I remember to thank you? Well, thank you.

    RLY. Thnxkbai.

  2. The new knute????

  3. Dammit, now I want a panda. I bet those are hard to come by.

  4. Those are soooooo… cute!
    Gimme one

  5. Oiy! My teeth hurt. Can’t take all that sugar!

    Seriously, those dudes in China get to hold and cuddle them! I’m jealous. BUT…

    I won’t be no moe’ a few months from now when those cute little balls of black and white cuteness are huge and all teeth and claws.

    But yeah, I still want one. Kind of like how I want my own personal dolphin to swim with.

  6. Shoot…what Panda’s? I’m still looking at the photo’s on!!

  7. I would bite their thighs like I do my 2 year old’sObviously the cure for this problem is chocolate. Heeeeeeeeee!

    “Don’t look at me. I sware I didnt tayk ur shoogur kane. No paw prynts n e ware. ” My caption contribution to the same photo you captioned.

  8. All you people care about is the pandas!


    No one cares about the mental abuse I suffered at the hands of my sister!

    Poor, poor pitiful me!


  9. cranky- you can thank me again if you want. I won’t mind. :)

    robert- knute(s)

    talea- come on, people in california sneak ferrets into the state, I’m sure there’s some way we can sneak pandas.

    Anna- If I get one, you can look at it, but I’m not sharing……….till it gets older and is not as cute. Kinda like my kids. Anyone want a kid?

    Auds-haha, I always wanted one too. I was sure we could just have it in a pool in our living room and my parents were such selfish jerks for not getting me one.

    hooligans- isn’t that the best website ever? We can sit here all smug in the knowledge that those people who were once so beautiful really eff themselves up.

    CB- I really wanted to add captions to some of those pictures in lolcats style, but sadly I have no talent.

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