I am in!

I got word yesterday from my Detective, I officially have a start date. I will be in the Sheriff’s Academy.

Let the torture begin..

I am currently accepting applicants for taser practice. Email me or my sister with your info…and please only those with strong healthy hearts need apply.

Updates will be from my Sis because if I have a second to breathe -well, I’ve been told I should be shining my shoes/studying instead.



  1. Does this mean you will no longer be my source for weed, or does this mean you’ll be able to score me the good stuff?

  2. um, no comment. Do I even know you?

  3. Little piece of advice for you:

    shoot first, steal their drugs afterwards.

  4. Please tase me, Sis!

  5. I’ve been tazed before.

    Do not want.

  6. I was just thinking of this cool T-shirt idea: A dude and a cop standing a little distance apart, like a standoff, with the caption, “Tase him first!”

  7. AWESOME!!!!

    Congrats, babe! Do you get the handcuffs right away? Cuz I’ve been a BAD BOY…

  8. I’ve been tazed before.

    Do not want.

    It was the redhead wasn’t it?

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Book’em Lou

  10. I have no doubt that the third tag will occur within a day or so of you getting your badge.


  11. Thanks everyone! I do have to admit I’m a bit nervous.

  12. cry me a river
    you ruined my puzzle man!


  13. Sheriff’s academy, eh? I better not get a ticket from you. HA!




    Ahhh, the memories. . .

  15. i thought louis gosset jr. was a bit taller… what a gyp

  16. Remember not to laugh when someone else is having the brim of the Smokey Bear hat bashed into their head and their face covered with spittle. Yeah, it’s funny as hell but you REALLY don’t want anyone to have any idea you think it’s funny.

    And tell them freaking hippies to get a haircut. Kids, today. Geeezz.

  17. Barking Mad’s Daddy =’s Sheriff. No thanks, me no want tazing. I’ll be a good girl, I PROMISE!

  18. Yeah, guess I can’t ever go back to San Diego with my sister AND my dad being sheriff’s deputies.

  19. Hey great job! I am actually leaving for COTA training in a few weeks down in Tuscon. It’s the Corrections Officer Training Academy. You bust ’em and I’ll keep ’em locked up. It’s stick-time baby!

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