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So the kids and I went to the local grocery store today and they have this really cool recipe deal where each week they feature a new recipe and have all the ingredients to it in a little fridge right by where this guy does a demo of the actual meal. It’s called Publix Apron’s Simple Meals.

I decided to try this out because I’m all motivated now as I’ve been watching the Food Network lately with the kids, thanks to tescosuicide and Madeleine wants me to make “fancy” meals for the family.

So I picked out a recipe for us to try, of course I don’t pick the one that has all the ingredients right there. I had to hunt all over the flippin store for my ingredients, but we did it.

We actually got one recipe from the Food Network too. Banana Pudding Bites. Not my idea of a dessert, but the kids were really excited about it. I don’t use sugar free anything because I think artificial sweeteners are the spawn of Satan. and we only have full fat milk for the kids so that’s what we use too. One other substitution is that Madeleine wanted chocolate pudding instead of vanilla. Fine, no problem.
This is what the dinner is supposed to look like:
Warning, this is no foodie blog. If you’re a food snob (kare-kare) you can just bugger off right now, cuz this ain’t near as purty as the photo above, but it tasted divine. 
This is what mine looked like:
This is what it looked like trying to show off and be fancy with wine.
The recipe required a 1/2 cup dry white wine and so there was plenty left over. Someone needed to finish the bottle. I don’t normally drink wine, but I magnanimously volunteered myself for the job. I didn’t use an expensive bottle of wine, it was $16, but the better the wine, the better the flavor. Oh yeah, it’s called Chicken Primavera with Parmesan Pasta.
And here’s the dessert that Madeleine and Garren helped make.
They were actually yummy. I’m so glad I got 40 min. in on the elliptical today.
On a side note, since some of  you will be looking at this post for Warrior Diet information, the dinner portion is approved, however, try to eat the veggies first, then the chicken, then the pasta. That’s not how it’s presented in the photo
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« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2007, 09:56:13 AM »

Hey, great question. You know we all struggle with that particular issue. Let me just say – make the hierarchy of food your standard for all meals, as delineated in the Warrior Diet book. It is of utmost importance, especially for proper digestion and maintaining optimum weight and health. But, as you state, there are times when you want to have a pasta or other dish that has everything mixed up therein. In those cases, enjoy yourself. Just don’t make that the norm for your diet. If you do, you’ll have trouble getting the results that you want. It won’t hurt to stray on occasion. However, if you do mix it all up, just make sure that you don’t overdo the carbs by eating bread with it, if you can help it. The other thing I suggest is to eat a good salad prior to such dishes. You shouldn’t have any problem doing that first. It’ll set up your stomach with good enzymes for digestion of what’s to follow.

I hope this helps!


  1. I love the fancy shot with the wine! :D

  2. It was showing off. It’s not even old enough to drink. Naughty dinner.

  3. For a non foodie blog, that’s a might fine presentation.

    I had Kraft mac and cheese with some meatballs thrown in.

  4. OK, the foodie pic looked identical to your actual dinner.

    You’re good. Everything I ever make looks like pig slop.

    Also, artificial sweeteners are the spawn of Satan. It came to me in a vision.

  5. Great…Now I’m hungry. Thanks a lot pj momma.

  6. M’mm, M’mm , Banana Puddin’ Bites it is for me this afternoon … with the wine of course

  7. Actually, I thought yours looked better.

  8. b-rad- I’m impressed that you thought to put meatballs in your mac-n-chz. I’m so ubelievable uncreative. I can’t think without a recipe. The only time I was even remotely creative is when I was making meatloaf and I had no onions or bread crumbs so I used Funyuns instead. It was a big hit.

    SDM- I’m quite positive it came to you in a dream. There was probably some ritualistic Satanic Splenda sacrifice going on in your neighborhood and you felt the vibes. This is true. I know it.

    TTF- If it makes you feel any better, I made this last night. That means the meal you saw is now officially a leftover. It’s not that great as a leftover, especially since I was out of pasta.

    Anna- Already hitting the wine.

    mesa- awwwwwwww, you complimented a woman that’s not a redhead? *blushes

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