Bike ride anyone?

This Friday I am planning on participating in Critical Mass. Not sure which role I will play -Rider or Spectator but either way it will be a fun experience.

I love stuff like this but to be smart, I will be extremely reserved…..I imagine the Sheriff’s academy would frown upon arrested recruits.

Interested? See if Critical Mass events take place in your town. Ride on!



  1. KKFF: Goes GT mean anything? Those runes (roughly X↑) represent “G” and “T” respectively, assuming they are runes.

  2. These idiots like to kick cars and disrupt rush hour traffic in Seattle by blocking intersections. A great way to get folks on “your side.”

  3. Yes they do and sorry, but everytime one of these nutsacks on a big wheel gets creamed by accident while intentionally fucking with cars I have ZERO sympathy. Critical Ass is more like it.

  4. No, no, no….I’ve talked to a few and maybe in other areas it’s that way but here in S.D. it’s pretty laid back and low key. Non competitive riders, $ bikes with thrift store bikes…all us getting together enjoying our fabulous weather and gettin a good ride in.

    My sister has told me stories of doing “midnight madness rides” -she loved it. She rode with guys all dressed up as Elvis…good times!

    I can’t wait and I got some more friends to commit. It’s looking like we might have a nice group to ride….a great kare-kare send off! I can’t wait.

  5. That’s a weird site…. all that talk about “automotive hegemony” and “barren moonscapes, largely devoid of non-human life” makes me wonder what flavor kool-aid the organizers are drinking.

  6. For those interested, the 35th Annual Midnight Madness Bike Ride is coming up in August.

  7. I believe KKFF is going not because of the ideology but because of the communal experience. She likes to bike with many others.

    If she were going because of the ideology, I doubt she would be hanging out with us Reichwingeren.

    I personally find such organizations to be immature, infantile, and idiotic. But that’s their ideology. I’m sure there are lots of fun and nice people, and that they are into biking.

    Sorry for making fun of you, KKFF.

  8. Such a polite insulter is Muslihoon…


    KareKare – Jam a stick in one of their spoked wheels for me, wuoldja, dear?


  9. I hate these tools. It isn’t like like trafiic in Seattle doesn’t suck enough without them blocking traffic and kicking cars. I can’t see them trying it anywhere where people are armed.

  10. Police vs. Critical Mass:
    Latest incidents

    I love how it’s always the “innocent” bicycle riders on which excessive force was used by police.

    Get ready, KareKare. Soon, you’ll be one of the evil anti-bicyclist, anti-peaceful protester jackbooted thugs.

    After all, we just know that anyone on the Left is ALWAYS innocent.

  11. These events are really famous in San Francisco. I’ve never done one – I prefer my riding through the rolling countryside of Silicon Valley – horses, vineyards, oaks, redwoods. Can you tell I live to cycle?

    Tour de France coverage is kicking ass this year, btw. Wednesday is L’Alpe Duez!

  12. Wow. I’ve never even heard of this and I cycle frequently. Hmm… I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the link!

  13. I like the style of your site. Do you ride your bike much? I just got a beach cruiser and it is so much better than my old heavy mtn bike (sit upright and the seat is way more comfortable). Unfortunately I don’t think anything like critical mass will be coming to our area any time soon. Most roads don’t even have a shoulder or sidewalks, let alone enough people biking to make some changes. But I try to ride as much as possible. I just wrote a post about how we should have (and keep) higher gas prices so that more people will ride bikes (and other reasons) if you want to read it:
    Thanks and keep riding.

  14. I just wrote a post about how we should have (and keep) higher gas prices so that more people will ride bikes (and other reasons) if you want to read it:

    I’m sorry, that’s about the stupidest concept I’ve ever heard of. I guess then we’ll have pedal-powered trains, airplanes, big rigs and ships to deliver things we need like, oh, I don’t know, food and medicine for starters???

    Why, just think, if gas prices keep going up, we can thin the herd of people who like to shoot themselves in the foot.

    Pass me another stick for Cassie’s spokes, please.

  15. If gas prices go up, food prices will go up. How will we transport medication? I need my insulin a whole host of other supplies…will it all have to be made locally because of the cost of transportation? Will I be able to afford it?

    So, brainiac’s idea would essentially end up culling the herd as well…all farmers not in the prime in their health, essentially, will be able to survive. The rest of are out of luck.

    Which won’t happen. Because if I die because of some idiotic progressive’s idea, I will haunt him and his family and his friends and his loved ones and his colleagues. Not even the Pope will be able to exorcise me. This should strike sufficient fear that they won’t do anything stupid.

    Heh. That should be our new anti-progressive slogan: “Remember the Poltergeist Musli!”

  16. I retract.
    This Friday instead of CM, I will still ride my bike…but to BR.

  17. BR?


    It’s been a long time since I’ve gone there.

    Have an extra helping for me, KKFF!

  18. Yeah, Kare-Kare.

    Wanna share my cone?

  19. Here’s this month’s addition to the anti-car, anarchist escapades:

  20. I ended up drinking at a friend’s and playing ladder golf. Good times!

  21. Just in case anyone is curious about Ladder Golf
    Here is a link..

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