When Did You Stop Letting Your Kid See You Naked?

Obviously my 10 year old doesn’t see me nekkid anymore. He can’t hardly stand to see me in my swimsuit. Thing is, I can’t remember when I stopped letting him see me naked. I’m not sure it was ever a conscious decision, it just evolved. He saw my chest for the longest time because I nursed 3 other kids (couldn’t nurse #4 longer than a couple months, but then only as night because I had to supplement for him in the daytime because I didn’t have milk for him, but that’s a whole nother story) after him, but there was a certain point where even that made him uncomfortable, so I made a point to cover up. Which in a way is odd because I’ve always made sure my nursing was such a natural thing at home.

Today I was changing into my swim-suit top, I’d already had my bottoms on and my 4 year old son walked in. I didn’t rush to cover up because he’d never really paid much attention before. I mean he’d say, “You’re naked! hahaha!” or, “You have nipples!” or “You have a biiiiiiiiig butt”, but today everything was different.

He looked  at me and said, “I like to see you naked.” I asked him why and he said, “because you’re a lady and it’s pretty.”


That’s when the ick factor set in strong for me. I decided he will never see my nekkidness again. Especially with the smile he had on his face. My daughter who is 6 still believes she should be able to see me naked because she’s a girl. But even the way she examines makes me decidedly uncomfortable.

I remember checking out my mom’s crunch berries and fur as a kid out of complete and total curiosity and I can’t remember whether she was uncomfortable or not. Maybe seeing mom naked stopped when I decided to start pointing out what I perceived as flaws, but now, after having 4 kids as well and even now not looking good as her, there’s no way in hell I’d call them flaws. I RETRACT! I RETRACT!

I guess I’ve just decided I’ve had enough with everyone but the 2 year old checking out my goods. He just pokes my butt and says, “naked”, but it’s harmless and cute when he does it. Well, I think anyways.

How bout you? At what age did you stop letting your kid(s) see you nude? If you’re of a different culture than standard American, what’s the social norm for you? If you don’t have kids, what’s your parental nudity nightmare memory?