Oh Come ON!!!!

Who had an accident in the bathtub and didn’t tell mommy about it?


Hahaha, ok, apparently I didn’t make the post clear. In case you people are thinking I’m suffering from “an acute case of fecalphelia”, it’s the frog that was in the drain, mmmkay?

yeah, that’s rust in my tub by the way.


  1. Is that a Floridian Fertility Idol?

  2. Cool, I just saw one of those frogs at the fair..

  3. BIAP, That is a frog noisemaker. It is supposed to come with a grooved stick that when drug through the gaps on each side, makes a frog croaking noise. They are kind of cool.

  4. Wow, I’ve learned something new! My doc has one of those frogs and I have been dying to ask what it is but never have…and now I don’t have to. *lol*

  5. That was great. That first image would have made me grumpy too!
    Do you even have the other part of the frog or is it lost in the sea of toys?

  6. Wait. Is that a real poo going down the drain? Because while I may like the farts, I am not a fan of the bath poos. Whole different ballgame.

  7. Maybe I should clarify that it was the frog that was stuck in the drain.

  8. Did you know it was a frog before you reached down and grabbed it?


  9. hah, luckily my contacts were in.

    Oh and BiW, it would be just my luck if that frog turned out to be some sort of Fertility Idol. I’m thinking my tattoo might have been.

  10. I’m thinking my tattoo might have been

    Ass antlers can have that effect…


  11. Bardolf pooed in the tub when he was really little. Muirne was in the tub too. Muirne has a really easy gag reflex. Muinre then barfed in the tub. Fun for all.

  12. Oh no you didn’t just make me think what I just thought. I think you made me think what I thought.

  13. Clarity was needed, lol. My house is as crazy at it gets and I never had drain poo (probably just shot myself in the foot there).

  14. abbadon- what on earth does ass antlers mean? My tattoo doesn’t branch out, it’s just an symbol I found in an African art book.

    KD- LOL, that makes me think of that scene in one of my favorite movies, “Stand By Me”. You know that scene where Lardass, has his revenge at the pie eating contest. He pukes on someone and they puke on someone and on and on. Good times.

    mommypie- I sure did. I was so irritated when I first went into the bathroom and then so relieved

    mylucidkarma- oh yeah, you’re just beggin for it to happen now…..PLEADING even, no seriously, mwaha hahaha hahahaha

  15. My tattoo doesn’t branch out, it’s just an symbol I found in an African art book.

    Florida License Plate…


  16. Good God. I completely thought you’d taken a picture of a dook in a tub. Glad I read the entire entry with comments. heh.


    How do you think I felt when I first saw the damn thing in the tub?

    Your “Good God” just made me laugh so hard.

  18. Some things require a proper exclamation and I’m pretty sure a turd in the tub qualifies. :P


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