Found Item

So this past weekend Pjdaddy and I were doing some spring cleaning. Yes, I’m fully aware it’s the middle of summer, your point is? Actually pjdaddy started the cleaning and out of guilt figured I’d better help too. It’s annoying how much lower his filth threshold is than mine.

I’m quite content to have my children pick their daily outfit from the clean clothes pile. Spray a little Downey Wrinkle Release and we’re good to go. Actually, I’ve improved. We can now sit on our couch because I’ve moved our pile to the breakfast nook that we never use anyways.

This is good for two reasons. 1. When someone walks into our house, their initial impression is of cleanliness and 2. The washer and dryer are right next to the breakfast table.

The bad thing about this is that the breakfast nook was supposed to be where Madeleine  does her art because I don’t care about how much paint gets on that table, but she’s been forced to relocate her art studio to any available space.

Anyhoo, I moved a bookshelf to clean behind it and found this note.

That’s not my handwriting, nor is it pjdaddy’s handwriting. It’s my mom’s from when pjdaddy and I went to Acapulco in December. My mom and dad came and watched all 4 kids for us. What could all those exclamation points after the word “wine” possibly mean?