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So this past weekend Pjdaddy and I were doing some spring cleaning. Yes, I’m fully aware it’s the middle of summer, your point is? Actually pjdaddy started the cleaning and out of guilt figured I’d better help too. It’s annoying how much lower his filth threshold is than mine.

I’m quite content to have my children pick their daily outfit from the clean clothes pile. Spray a little Downey Wrinkle Release and we’re good to go. Actually, I’ve improved. We can now sit on our couch because I’ve moved our pile to the breakfast nook that we never use anyways.

This is good for two reasons. 1. When someone walks into our house, their initial impression is of cleanliness and 2. The washer and dryer are right next to the breakfast table.

The bad thing about this is that the breakfast nook was supposed to be where Madeleine  does her art because I don’t care about how much paint gets on that table, but she’s been forced to relocate her art studio to any available space.

Anyhoo, I moved a bookshelf to clean behind it and found this note.

That’s not my handwriting, nor is it pjdaddy’s handwriting. It’s my mom’s from when pjdaddy and I went to Acapulco in December. My mom and dad came and watched all 4 kids for us. What could all those exclamation points after the word “wine” possibly mean?


  1. You shouldn’t leave your kids with winos next time…

  2. Well, the wine thing is disturbing, certainly…but apparently, she was feeding your kids sugar. Mind you, a well rounded assortment of sugar and accompanied by milk – but sugar, nonetheless. Heh.

  3. abbadon- you are correct, they really should have something stronger, like vodka

    randomesq- grandma’s no dummy. sugar comas keep kids quiet, especially in the form of pumpkin pie

  4. I know my mom has a bottle handy for after the juveniles go to bed when she watches them for us too.

    Oh and we must be on the same wavelength because I posted about cleaning today too.

  5. The #1 reason I don’t have kids. They drive you to drink…

  6. Abbadon, you drive me to drink and you’re not even my kid.

    course any old excuse will do

  7. Bwahahaha… poor gra’ma!!!!

  8. I just can’t believe you moved a bookshelf to clean. Stealing the poor dustbunnies natural habitat like that is like opening the ANWR to drilling and waste dumping. So cruel…

  9. You mean you don’t just move when the filth becomes too much?

  10. anna- you’re correct! however, grandma insists it was grandpa who put all the exclamation points

    b-rad- I’m heartless ain’t I? You best just start calling me the man.

    BiW- that’s exactly what I used to do, but the housing market has stopped me dead in my tracks

  11. Your house sounds like mine. And here I fired my cleaning lady because my kids wanted to do her work and get that pay themselves!

    Have you read the Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. Every time I see piles of crap (including grocery lists!!!) I remember the Nordstram bag full of unopened letters and bills from that novel, and my life suddenly seems pretty dang organized.

  12. I remember the Nordstram bag full of unopened letters and bills from that novel, and my life suddenly seems pretty dang organized.

    I’m one upping the Nordstram bag story

  13. Field day is a Navy tradition. We hold field day on Fridays in Casa Airdale. I do the bathrooms as I like to ensure that the “brightwork” in streak free and the floors are spotless. That Navy career left me with little tolerance for clutter or dirt.

  14. Can you come over?

  15. No, I’m not watching your kids!!! ;-)

  16. Shah

    Watch the kids? I wanted you to clean.

  17. Oh they look like exclamation points to you?
    I thought they were little magical fairy wands.

    Proudly not making sense since 1968,

  18. I think it means your kids were up way passed their bed time.

  19. It could only mean one thing; they were trying to say it loud.

  20. Too funny. Makes ya wonder how they used to keep up with us when we were little kids, doesn’t it? Did they drink as much wine then when watching us when we were kids as they do when watching their grandkids?

    Probably – I drown my mommy frustrations in margaritas, and I intend on doing the same when I have grandkids years down the road.

  21. PJMomma.. I understand the cleaning thing completely. It reminds me of when I was moving furniture to vacuum one night and my 3 year old daughter asked me, “Are gran’ma and Gran’pa coming?”

  22. SDM- I’m sure they were wishing the fairy wands would have zapped them back to San Diego

    threeboys1mommy- I can almost guarantee they were. My kids know how to wear grandma and grandpa out.

    tesco- trying to say it loud, or was it some sort of prayer?

    worsethings- I drown mine in beer and hope I can pass this noble past coping mechanism onto my children.

    anna- hahaha, mine say the same thing. what do you mean we have to clean, is someone coming over?

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