Warning: Do NOT Listen to Reverand Horton Heat While Baking!

You will be in the kitchen gettin all rockabilly with your bad self and you will not pay attention to what you’re doing and you will put 3 tablespoons of baking soda in your pumpkin cake instead of 3 teaspoons.

Your children will run from the table screaming and the dog will not even touch it. Your 2 year old will bring a water bottle to you and say, “put in the mouth, mom. put in the mouth.” Ok, he knows full well how to put water in his mouth. I think he was making a point because as soon as I put it in his mouth, he tried to gargle.

Thinking my kids were insane to not enjoy my mom’s recipe I tasted it myself and shot my blood pressure through the roof.

Damn, it was such a pretty cake too. It fell out of the pan. It was moist and was a great color.

For future, I’m just gonna have to put Simon & Garfunkel on instead. It’s easier to concentrate and measure and pour properly listening to them sing about the comeon’s “from the whores on 7th Ave” than it is to hear the Reverand sing about his, “Big Red Rocket of Love”.

For anyone that wants the recipe, when made correctly, it is divine. My mom used to make this when I was a kid, either with bananas that were on their way out, or pumpkin. I’m  not generally a fan of banana bread because I find it to be usually too dry for my tastes. It’s bread. This recipe is more of a cake and it’s nummy.

Banana/Pumpkin Bread Recipe

This recipe makes two loaves.

3 cups sugar (evil white processed sugar)

1 cup oil (I use coconut oil, it’s spendy, but it’s good for you, most “vegetable oil” is soy and I’m not a fan of soy the way it’s prepared today, processed and unfermented)

2/3 cup water

4 eggs

2 cups pumpkin or mashed ripe bananas

1 teaspoon cinammon

1 1/4 teaspoon salt

3 TEASPOONS baking soda

3 1/2 flour

1 cup chopped walnuts

mix, add nuts and bake at 350 degrees for 50-60 minutes use 2 9 inch bread pans

I may not have gotten a picture of the cake, but I got a picture of a “really cool city” cool is subjective in this case.

please try to ignore how the dog has beaten the hell out of the door in the background. He’s bound and determine to get into that room and have a showdown with the trash truck through window. Oh yeah, he’d totally kill that truck if I’d only give him a chance.


  1. That’s why its “Miss Patsy Cline” when I am cooking.

    No fuss, no muss, and no errors. Only good eats.

  2. Too funny! When I was a kid, my mom spent all day making chocolate eclairs. She’s allergic to chocolate, so it was truly a selfless act. Problem was, she put in WAY too much salt. The eclairs were terrible.

    My dad admonished us not to complain, and to eat them with a smile on our face. Damn, that was hard! My mom figured it out soon enough since we were taking so long to down those things. And maybe she found a bit too much chewed eclair hidden in my napkin!

  3. Baking powder, baking soda. . . doesn’t really make a difference, does it?

  4. I did the the exact same thing in a batch of cookies I made in Home Economics Class (remember that?) in the seventh grade. I got an a for my cookies because they “looked” fabulous and the teacher was on a diet and refused to try them. Then when I tried one I couldn’t believe how bad they were. When I got to home room at the end of the day my teacher couldn’t figure out why 1) I was trying to give my cookies away – seventh grade boys didn’t do such things, and 2) why no one would take me up on my offer.

  5. Sounds like it’s Martini Time now

  6. BiW- I could have used patsy today the way I cooked.

    dadshouse- mom was allergic to chocolate? oh that’s just a cruel twist of fate. Since my mom read this, I’m telling you straight up every meal she’s ever made has been absolutely perfect.

    MCPO- It would prolly have tasted better had I used baking powder

    atonalruss- you just reminded me that I did what dadshouse’s mom did except with cookies. I put two cups of salt in instead of sugar. Oh I hate it when I waste that much food

    turtle- someone’s familiar with the reverand. ;)

  7. The Boxer is one of my favorite songs to listen to while cooking and drinking. It’s on a playlist. The part that kills me is after the whore line, he says, “I do declare…” which always strikes me as the kind of phrase and old woman from the south uses.

    Is your peanut butter chunky or smooth? I think this says a lot about a person. (Because I’m stupid.)


  8. If I get to choose for me, it’s natural chunky peanut butter, gives you something to chew on later ;)

  9. “You will be in the kitchen gettin all rockabilly with your bad self and you will not pay attention to what you’re doing and you will put 3 tablespoons of baking soda in your pumpkin cake instead of 3 teaspoons.”

    EXCELLENT! I’ve done that before.

    BTW, were are still waiting on those pictures of you in a bikini that you promised several posts ago. ;-)

  10. Ha! What a fun post!

    I personally love baking with Coconut Oil.

    I will have to try this recipe. And I may throw caution to the wind and put in some Reverend Horton Heat anyway. :)

  11. That is an awful lot of sugar, not that I have a problem with sugar. Have you ever made the recipe with it halved?
    I’ll have to try it myself.

    [update] I called my mom and she said I need to remember that it makes two loaves and is a cake. So it equals to about 1 1/2 cups of sugar per cake. nummy

  12. TTF- hah, that’s gonna be a bit more time. I still have swelling.

    T- I looove my coconut oil. I’m always putting it on my face as well. I fantasize that any and all crows feet disappear when I use it.

    porknbean- It is an awful lot of sugar. I just got back from the store a bit ago with more pumpkin to try to make this disaster up to the kids. They were so bummed. All ready to have cake and it almost kills ’em. I’ll try it this afternoon and half it. If I don’t screw up, I’ll tell you how it is with less sugar. Please keep your fingers crossed that I do NOT screw this up as well.

  13. Please tell the “really cool city” folks that I’ll take the Peanut Butter penthouse suite, but I want to know if chocolate is included as an amenity.

  14. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, why you gotta torture me like that CB?

  15. I have a door that looks just like that due to the dog. I like to say it’s the sign of a dog friendly home. :) It’s actually the sign of a dog that can’t behave for shit.

  16. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, why you gotta torture me like that CB?

    Cuz misery luvs company and all that jazz!

  17. This post is on WordPress home page! Way to go peej!

  18. worsethings- yes, why lie? I have a naughty dog.

    CB- now I have “Chicago” stuck in my head

    brewfan- awww, thanks brew. It’s tough competing with you IB’ers ya know

  19. Stupid question time – why does the recipe say three teaspoons instead of one tablespoon?

    If you’re into cakes, that site I sent you a few weeks ago has an awesome pineapple coconut cake. Mmmmm, now I’m craving it.

  20. Stupid question time – why does the recipe say three teaspoons instead of one tablespoon?

    I don’t know. My mom dictated it to me many moons ago. I’m not even sure where she got it. I made it again today and it turned out awesome. YAY!

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